The JD Edwards Partner Summit 2013

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February 26, 2013 | 11:00 AM

Dave Balser, Delivery Director, shares his thoughts on the JD Edwards Partner Summit; it was a Big Deal.

As part of Briteskies’ ongoing initiative to be better service providers, we attend partner events where we can learn about new features, passing the benefits of our continuing education to our clients. Dave Balser, Delivery Director at Briteskies, recently attended the JD Edwards Partner Summit in Broomfield, Colorado. This 4th annual summit’s theme was It’s a Big Deal; according to Dave, it was. While Dave returned from the JDE Summit like a kid who had just visited Disneyworld for the first time, I’d asked that he recap his top three takeaways; the following is what he’s looking forward to, and why Dave and Briteskies are so passionate about JD Edwards.

Improved Operational Reporting Methods: One View

One View, featuring a newly designed intuitive interface for end-users, allows for real-time operations reporting solutions. It was announced that One View will now be available to E1 9.0 customers (which received a round of applause). Summit attendees were given the ability to test drive it, and its new features presented incredible advantages, such as: • No IT personnel is required to manage or use One View • Users needn’t be familiar with JDE file or field naming conventions so the learning curve is much smaller.

Any Tablet, Any Browser

In addition to One View, Dave recounted the great keynote speech as given by Lyle Ekdahl, Group Vice President General Manager of JD Edwards at Oracle. During his presentation, he demonstrated that a native iPadJDE E1 application will be available from the Apple apps store, replacing the need to runJDE on the iPad from the Safari browser. The advantage is that native iPad functionality is built into the app; it’s a far better user experience, and it runs One View.

It’s not What You do, but How You do it!

Finally, the summit explored what’s often overlooked: adherence to best practices guidelines. With regard to JD Edwards upgrades, whether World or EnterpriseOne, experts suggest moving to the newest version as quickly as possible with a purely technical upgrade, rather than attempting a transformational upgrade (which places too much emphasis on new functionality). Industry pros advise both E1 and World clients to complete the technical upgrade, then plan a phase II project which would address new functionality. Organizations might find that treating the upgrade as a reimplementation, in an attempt to realize the benefits of the new functionality, may actually delay realization of the upgrade project’s return on investment.

The next Oracle/JD Edwards event Dave and the team look forward to is Oracle OpenWorld (which we posted a blog about as well); will the Briteskies JDE team see you there? 

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