The Recipe for B2B eCommerce Success: Part Seven

Bill Onion

recipe part sevenSteps to take once your eCommerce site goes live

So, you’re considering implementing a B2B eCommerce site. It can be intimidating for sure and there are a lot of moving parts, but if you plan the project well it can be a straightforward process. While the project may not be a piece of cake, we’ve found that breaking it down into a few crucial ingredients is a great way to whip up a successful B2B eCommerce site. Here is the final installment of our 13 ingredients for B2B eCommerce success. (Be sure to check out Part OnePart TwoPart ThreePart FourPart Five , and Part Six as well.) 

Draft Next Steps

Congratulations! Your B2B eCommerce site has gone live and is hopefully improving your company’s operations and customer experience. The end of this phase of the project inevitably brings with it the desire for more. You wouldn’t bake a five-tiered cake on your first attempt at baking, and your first iteration of your B2B eCommerce site probably has some room for growth. That’s why we suggest thinking about the next steps of your project now.


The support phase is important to keep your site running as well as it can. Whether it’s day-to-day maintenance or a future upgrade, your Magento site isn’t a “set it and forget it” tool. It takes ongoing nurturing and attention to make sure that it continues to serve your organization as best it can.

The truth is, along with support, there will come a time in your site’s future where you will need the help of  a development team. Whether it’s to install a security patch or make adjustments as your business grows, changes will need to be made.

For many organizations, reallocating resources for support or hiring on a new developer just isn’t in the cards. Most companies can get bogged down in the hassle of recruiting, hiring, and maintaining a development team. In fact, most support work doesn’t require a full, 100% dedicated team to maintain. Maintaining full-time support staff can be an expensive undertaking without providing valuable benefits.That’s why we offer Managed Services.

When leveraging a Managed Services contract, your organization can have access to our team of talented, trained, and certified developers when you need them. Not only will you receive services like transaction monitoring, testing, and protection from CloudFlare’s Unmetered mitigation of DDoS attacks to maintain performance, uptime, and availability, but you will have a commitment from our team to timely maintenance and support at a lower rate. 

Not only is the rate lower, but it isn’t broken down into specific tasks. Instead, your time can be allotted to content, design, architecture or patches, upgrades, reports, or anything else your site might need that month. 

By going with a Managed Services contract, your organization can have access to our team of talented, trained, and certified developers when you need them.

Phase Two

With support taken care of, you’re free to take your site to the next level. This is the time to think beyond the implementation and towards your ideal B2B eCommerce site.

What sort of changes would you like to see to your site now that it’s up and running? What ideas do you have for phase two? There is always room to improve and grow when it comes to your B2B eCommerce site. Don’t let your site’s development end with the initial implementation.

Piece of Cake!

By following these steps, you should have a thriving B2B eCommerce site that enhances your business and improves customer experiences. Have a more complicated implementation or ready to talk phase two? Contact our experienced team of Magento certified developers.

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