Things to Consider to Boost Warehouse Efficiency:  RF-SMART Guest Blog



Is your supply chain a lean, mean and efficient machine?

If you answered “Definitely yes,” then you can quit reading and continue on with your day.

If you are like most companies and answered “No,” or even “Maybe,” then consider these three questions that could help boost your warehouse efficiency:

1. Do you have real-time access to your inventory?

If you are using manual processes throughout your warehouse, you could be wasting time and resources. By electronically collecting, validating and entering data into JD Edwards, automated data collection enables companies to accurately accomplish significantly more results with fewer resources.

With real-time access and knowing exactly where your product is, you can send employees to fulfill a shipment at the right place the first time. And, as a bonus, there is no longer manual entry or the lag times that come with paper processing once the shipment is complete.

2. Has your inventory visibility increased over the past year?

The beauty of real-time access is that it provides 100% visibility into product location, movement and related employee activities. If your visibility has not increased, perhaps the boost you are looking for is License Plating. With LP, you can gain visibility into knowing what each item contains, the amount of items and where they are located.

There are lots of options for greater visibility in the warehouse, including cartonization. RF-SMART extends JD Edwards functionality to not only allow you to track what is shipped at the container level, but also change the contents right on the shipping dock – and of course, update JDE in real-time.

3. Do you have a concrete understanding of what your team is doing?

We asked our customers what they wanted out of their reporting system and the overwhelming request was to know that very answer – “What are my people doing?” That got us thinking of the best way to leverage all of the real-time visibility ADC brings, and we came up with Labor Management Reporting. RF-SMART’s LMR provides purpose-built reports that give managers the ability to look at productivity, efficiency and ROI across the supply chain. Imagine the decisions your company could be making based on that kind of insight!

So, how did your warehouse fare?

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