Upgrading JD Edwards Solutions

Dave Balser

Options for A73 and A81 Users

If you’re running JD Edwards A73 orA81 and you’re considering an upgrade, you have two available options: E1 9.0 or World A9.2. While most of you might expect that E1 9.0 would be touted as the obvious choice, I would suggest that you consider World A9.2 as an alternative. You may find that if you remain on World and move forward with A9.2, it may be the best course to leveraging your current in-house expertise, while still providing you with the operational abilities you want and need. While E1 9.0 provides tremendous functionality and scalability, these amenities come with a cost. Most E1 implementations will succeed or fail contingent upon your configurable network computing process and support, which will map the paths to various databases and system objects. Because integrations and support requirements can be extremely complex, it’s more likely than not that upgrading to E1 9.0 will demand highly specialized technical skills and in-depth system knowledge. Considering our current economic climate, there are those who may not have the means to acquire these specialized skills, or the time to develop them in-house. In this regard, most World users will probably find that they’ll meet or exceed their upgrade objectives by upgrading to World A9.2. World A9.2 will provide you with an easier to use browser-based interface and highly desirable import and export capabilities when used in conjunction with Excel.
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