WebSphere Commerce Composer Tool: An Overview

Hannah Gierosky

WebSphere Commerce has earned a dedicated customer base, due in part to their amazing tools and features. While the Marketing and Business Tools are great for business management, one of the most anticipated aspects of WebSphere Commerce Feature Pack 7 is the new Composer tool. This tool brings WCS closer to the realm of content management than ever before by giving business users more direct power and control over the content on their store pages.


What is Composer and How Does it Work?

The Composer tool is a way for business users to create and manage the layout and content of their store pages without relying on the help of IT. Creating new pages and arranging the elements of that page is now completed in the Management Center, instead of in the hands of developers. This new ability allows for increased efficiencies within the organization, as business users no longer have to wait for a support ticket to be created and completed by IT.

Composer has a selection of prebuilt layout templates to choose from, and an additional collection of widgets to place in those layouts. Once a layout has been selected, each widget serves as a building block to create the page. The widgets often reflect the web activities found in the Marketing tool.

This video demonstration shows the Composer tool in action. It illustrates the building blocks used to build each page and shows the tool’s ability to view the page as you construct it.



How Composer Can Benefit Your Business

As Bob Balfe says in his blog post, “Allowing business users to create and layout pages without the help of IT is a big deal.” But why is it such a big deal? The following list highlights just some of the ways Composer is changing the game:

  • Composer allows business users to be more agile without IT involvement, which reduces the number of people and decisions needed to make quick and effective changes to the site. It gives the business user an incredible amount of control of the user experience.
  • Increased flexibility also means marketing campaigns can be launched more quickly, giving storeowners a jump on the competition.
  • Pages set up in Composer are automatically responsive, saving time for developers who would have to format each page for different screen sizes.
  • Fewer Management Center tools and screens means a more streamlined workflow that improves productivity.

By utilizing the WCS Composer tool, changes are implemented quickly, resulting in a more user-friendly site for customers. Having business users working on changes instead of waiting for IT lowers the cost of business. This leads to increased visits, more conversions, higher average order values, and potential for lifelong customers.

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