What to Look for in a Magento Enterprise Partner

Hannah Gierosky

what-look-for-magento-enterprise-partner-linkedinSo, you have decided on Magento Enterprise for your eCommerce site. Whether you are upgrading from Magento Community or starting your site from scratch, Enterprise is a great investment. But now that you have made the decision, what’s next?

Selecting a Magento Partner is one of the most crucial parts of your eCommerce implementation. Working with a qualified partner can help your team fully leverage all that Enterprise has to offer and ensure that your site is successful. According to a recent webinar from Magento, the following are things that every Magento Enterprise partner should be doing in order to offer the best Magento experience possible.

Magento Certified Partner

By working with someone who is a certified Magento partner, you have access to all of the benefits that come along with the partnership. An established and official relationship between Magento and a certified partner offers many benefits, including but not limited to the following:

Access to the Magento Resource Library

With both Business and Technical Resource Libraries, Magento offers a host of eBooks and webinars on topics ranging from SEO and B2B eCommerce trends to extensions and PCI Compliance.

Access to Technical Support

The Enterprise technical support team is an invaluable resource to store owners and certified developers alike. From diagnosing issues to answering configuration questions, the technical support available to Enterprise customers and partners aids in the implementation and development process.

Access to the Magento Community

One of the things that make Magento such a great platform is the fact that it is open source. This facilitates a community of users who can share information, help troubleshoot issues, and inspire ideas for fellow Magento partners.

Team Training Plan

According to the recent Magento webinar, one of the first things that Magento partners should do is train key staff in Magento Enterprise, including architects, business analysts, and sales team members. The best way to do this is through an established training plan.

No matter how much eCommerce experience a developer may have, training on a particular platform is always a good idea. The Briteskies training program, for example, covers fallback systems, basic workflows, system architecture, custom module development, and API integrations. Each of these focuses ensures that each developer is confident in their Magento skills.


The best way to inspire confidence in one’s Magento skills, however, is through certifications. As a client, it’s important to know that a potential partner is knowledgeable and experienced in the platform. There is only one Magento-recognized curriculum, guaranteeing that any certified developer is prepared and competent.

A team’s list of certifications is an unequivocal answer to the question, “How well do you know Magento?”

Documented Success Stories

One surefire way to know whether or not a potential partner can handle your project is to find out what they have completed in the past. Be sure to ask any prospective partner for documented examples of success. Someone who can show you that they have tackled your problem before is undoubtedly a good choice for your project.

When you are investigating a certified Magento partner, ensuring that all of these methods are in place is a great way to start.

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