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Derrik Nyomo

If you’ve ever tried sending an email message with an attachment that was too large, or accidentally hit the “reply all” button, you can probably remember when you realized it: after the fact. Now, thanks to MailTips in Outlook 2010 and Exchange 2010, you’ll be warned in time to divide up your attachment or keep the entire office from reading that forwarded joke email. Equally beneficial are items such as a notification when a recipient has enabled an auto-response, if you have permission to send to the recipient or if his or her mailbox is full. Below you’ll find the full list of MailTips for Office and Exchange 2010.

Restricted Recipient Displayed when you do not have permission to send messages to a specific recipient – if sent, the message will not be delivered.
Moderated contact group Displayed when a contact group has a moderator (a new feature in Exchange 2010) who triages incoming messages and determines whether the message should be delivered to the contact group.
Invalid recipient address Displayed when the recipient’s address is no longer valid – this can often happen if a recipient address was stored in the nickname cache but the recipient has left the organization since the last time it was used.
Message too large for recipient Displayed when the size of the outgoing message exceeds the size limit for incoming messages of one or more of the recipients.
Message too large to send Displayed when the size of the outgoing message exceeds the sender’s size limits.
Recipient Mailbox is full Displayed when the recipient’s mailbox is full and the message cannot be delivered to him or her.
Large number of recipients or contact group Displayed when the number of recipients that the message will be delivered to (either as individuals or as part of a contact group) exceeds a defined value set by the Exchange administrator.
Recipient is using automatic replies Displayed when a recipient has turned on his or her Automatic Reply (Out of Office) message.
External recipient Displayed when a recipient is outside your organization.
External recipient in contact group Displayed when a contact group contains a recipient that is outside your organization.
Additional information This MailTips is intended to replace messages that might otherwise be sent as an automatic response. Examples of these are messages like "You will receive a response within 72 hours" or "this mailbox is not monitored." This might also be useful for a user who works part time, and may not want to always have an Automatic Reply message.
Mailbox quota about to be exceeded Displayed when the message being composed will push your mailbox quota over the limit, hindering your ability to send any messages until there is free space in the mailbox.
MailTips can be viewed just above the “To:” line. Below is an example of when I tried to send an email to a coworker who was out of the office.  As illustrated, I received an informational MailTips telling me that the “Automatic Reply” was on; it also showed the message that would have bounced back to me if I had sent the email.[br] MailTips can be customized by clicking on “Options” in outlook 2010 or edited on the Exchange 2010 server using the Exchange PowerShell. Unfortunately, a user is unable to utilize the Exchange 2010 EMC to configure MailTips. MailTips is a great new feature that is well worth the cost of upgrading to Exchange 2010 and Office 2010, especially for large organizations or businesses that have multiple offices.

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