Address Book Approval Routing in JDE A9.2

Posted by Dave Balser

September 2, 2011 | 11:00 AM

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If one new feature of World A9.2 gets the most “wow, that’s huge” comments from clients who see the product for the first time, it has to be the address book approval routing feature. Address book approval routing is a significant functional improvement because it suspends writing an add, change, or delete to an address book, customer master, or supplier master record before the change is approved.  In past versions, most clients implemented a cumbersome manual process to route approvals before they were entered, or they used the address book audit files to report and approve changes to these files after the fact.

Approvals Management is rules based, so there is tremendous flexibility in defining the conditions, approval routes, and actions to take.  Rules with multiple conditions can be constructed using ‘and’ and ‘or’ compound data selection logic.   Approval requests can be routed to individuals or groups. You can specify whether an approver needs to actually act on the request by approving or denying it, or if the approver is simply notified of the change and not required to approve or reject the request.

In past implementations of approval routings, we found that users were annoyed by a steady stream of individual approval requests throughout the day.  JD Edwards has made this process more convenient with Approvals Workbench, which logically groups transactions together in work files.  Approvers can use the workbench to approve or reject individual transactions without responding to each individual email notification.  In ‘proof’ mode, transaction originators can use the workbench to review and cancel transactions before submitting them for approval.

Properly configured, approvals management can greatly improve a company’s internal controls and SOX compliance around changes to address book master files.

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Dave Balser is the JD Edwards Delivery Director at Briteskies and has 15 years of experience implementing, upgrading, and managing JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne systems. In addition to his enthusiasm for JD Edwards, Dave is equally committed to championing sustainability practices within Briteskies.


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