March Madness hits the Briteskies Office

Posted by Hannah Gierosky

April 11, 2014 | 5:15 PM

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March Madness swept the office this year during the Briteskies Bracket challenge. Organized by Business Continuity Manager Stefanie Rhine, everyone was invited to fill out and submit his or her choices for the winning and losing teams of this year’s NCAA tournament. The winner stood to earn bragging rights and a $100 gift card to, and the loser would receive a $50 gift card and shame.

Screen_shot_2014-04-11_at_2.58.42_PMIt is a good thing none of us gamble for a living because it was a dismal outcome in the office pool. Nevertheless, congratulations go to Matt Trimmer, the only participant to earn any points in the Final Four round and whose first place status was solidified before the championship game was even played.

“I just hitched my wagon to the (Kentucky) Wildcats and they carried me up the standings. It feels good to stand on the top of the hill and look down upon the defeated,” Matt said.

Better luck next time Michelle Kowalski, who came in last but still got to make a donation of her choice.

“I’m not surprised,” Michelle said, graciously accepting defeat.

Thanks to Stefanie for organizing and to everyone who participated!

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