10 Things That Will Improve Site Speed

Derrik Nyomo
Your audience and customers hate to wait, so a slow-loading site can make a huge impact on page views. There are a few things to adjust or set up on your site in order to get the most speed out of Magento. The next time your site is moving frustratingly slow, run through these common causes of bad page load times before hysterically calling the nearest IT expert.

10 Quick Tips to increase the speed of your eCommerce site

  1. site-speed.jpgWithin the application, enable the cache, enable flat products and catalogs, and enable JS and CSS merge, which will make multiple CSS and JS files combine
  2. Reduce the size of images
  3. Check log files for Apache or Magento errors
  4. Enable GZip compression in the .htaccess file
  5. Configure browser side caching in the .htaccess file
  6. On the server, check for good disk speeds (SSD is best) and enable Apache KeepAlives
  7. Only install necessary Apache modules
  8. Enable MemCache
  9. Enable Redis
  10. On MySQL enable Query Caching. Keep in mind that this must be thoroughly tested for issues and, depending on the number of products, might not be the best option for your site.

These sometimes-overlooked fixes are a quick way to check on and improve your Magento site speed performance. By giving these ten things a try, you can save yourself a few headaches with your ecommerce site. Download our checklist for additional information to get your site humming.

Download 10 Tips to Improve Site Speed

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