Take the Stairs Challenge

Hannah Gierosky

From November 4 through December 29, 2013, Briteskies employees were encouraged to put in a little legwork for the Take the Stairs Challenge. Coordinated by Rosie Biggs, Office Manager and healthy habit advocate, the Briteskies Take the Stairs Challenge was designed to encourage people to use the stairs in lieu of an elevator to add more exercise to their day.

Rosie’s 10 Reasons to Take the Stairs:

  1. It is a free workout that does not require a gym
  2. It improves heart health and can lower cholesterol
  3. It can be faster than taking the elevator, especially during peak times
  4. You burn fives times the calories by taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  5. It is good for your legs
  6. It helps improve your breathing because any exercise is good for your lungs
  7. It relieves stress and tension through the release of endorphins
  8. Climbing the stairs helps you live longer by lowering your risk of heart problems
  9. Increases your level of confidence
  10. Helps to build and maintain healthy bones and muscles, as well as contributing to weight loss

The rules were simple: based on an honor system, every participant periodically reported the number of flights of stairs they had taken. As a bonus, anyone who submitted a picture of themselves taking the stairs received an additional 10 flights of stairs for their total.


The top three stair climbers at the end of the challenge would then be recognized and rewarded. Those winning participants were: 

  1. Matt Wolf- 1,816 flights
  2. Jake Brasee- 638 flights
  3. Nathan Giri- 551 flights

This event was in support of our LiveBrite Wellness Program, which encourages the healthy behavior of our team members by providing various opportunities throughout the year. These opportunities focus on simple health-related changes that can have long-term effects. Past events have included a flu shot clinic, chair massages, healthy habit lunch and learns, and healthy tips and tricks at monthly meetings.

Congratulations to the top three stair climbers as well as all other participants! And thank you to Rosie for encouraging everyone to take the stairs. 


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