5 Ways to Improve Your B2B Content

Colleen Kowalski

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How these 5 tips will help you create better B2B content

Content marketing is crucial to attracting potential clients to your brand's website, social media, and blog. Content marketing for B2B businesses serves as a way for both you and your potential clients to learn more about each other. 

You are probably already aware of its importance, though, otherwise you would not have taken the time to click on this article! In order to make your content worthwhile for your customers, try to incorporate the following steps when crafting your B2B content: 

Tip 1: Create Content for Customers,
Not for You

It pays to know your target market. You are creating content for them, and specifically the issues they are facing. Use blog posts, emails, and social media posts to discuss topics that are of interest to your potential clients.  

Content should be created in the form most likely to attract your target clients. According to emedia, 82% of customers have positive perceptions of a company after reading customized content. 

Consumers are looking for varied content with clear messages. Infographics are popular and effective since they can explain complex information in a clear and concise way. Your content should also be easily shareable on social media as well as easily downloadable for your potential customers to save.  

Tip 2: Introductions: Long or Short?

When creating blog posts, the introduction length can cause readers to leave the page before getting to the content you have spent hours creating. 

An introduction should serve as a lead-in for your content and entice the reader to continue reading. Although both short and long introductions work, you need to consider the theme of your message to determine which will be the most successful.  

Shorter introductions are more successful than longwinded ones when the information in the remainder of the post contains the majority of the detail. However, a short introduction could be too brief to capture the attention of the reader, causing them to leave the page before reading your entire post. 

Long introductions are effective if they are introducing many concepts or are written as an anecdote or story. Stories can be very successful in attracting a reader but proceed with caution if you are not a storyteller. Creating too long an introduction can bore the reader, causing them to leave your site. 

Tip 3: Pique Customers Interest 

Although readers might feel anxious when reading long blog posts, longer blog posts have the opportunity to sell content more effectively and draw the reader in. According to Brad Smith, "facts tell, stories sell." 

Stories can be more effective than statistics in selling your idea. While statistics can be beneficial in telling the reader information, they are not sold on the information unless it's presented in a creative and narrative way. For this reason, case studies are a very effective way to sell your brand using content.  

Tip 4: Create Unique and Original Headlines

Headlines should attract the consumer to your content by providing them with the information they are eager to learn about. While it's important to utilize keywords in your heading so your content is easily found through search, it's also important to create a unique and original headline to attract consumers to your content over other similar content.  

When creating subheadings do not give away the information that will be discussed in that section, otherwise, everything that follows the subhead will go unread. Instead, as seen in the subheadings for this post, create subheadings that provide a general preview of the content that follows without explicitly stating it.  

Tip 5: Value vs. Volume 

Content creation is an important aspect of marketing for B2B businesses, but volume does not automatically correlate to value. 47% of clients will view three to five pieces of content before personally reaching out to a sales representative, so the content produced must provide the customer with the value they want when they want it. 

Content on every platform utilized should provide the reader with a positive impression of your brand. It's important to maintain consistency in your content by having a uniform voice and tone to all posts. This will allow your reader to seamlessly view numerous pieces of content and easily recognize your brand.  

Successful content can be repurposed on additional platforms while content that has been less successful can be eliminated. It's better to have fewer, high-quality posts than a lot of poor-quality content. 

If you want more tips for creating strong B2B content or you have an interesting tip you would like to share, contact our inbound certified marketing team. 

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