Briteskies' Inbound Certifications

Hannah Gierosky

We are proud to announce that three members of the Briteskies team recently received their Inbound Certification through HubSpot. Stefanie Rhine, Business Continuity Manager; Michelle Kowalski, UI/UX Designer; and Hannah Gierosky, Marketing Specialist, each became certified in Inbound Marketing. 

Inbound marketing is a technique that uses original content (like the blog you’re reading right now!) to help draw visitors and potential customers to an organization, in contrast to cold-calling or traditional outbound marketing.This certification acknowledges that Stefanie, Michelle, and Hannah are qualified to take advantage of one of the most effective digital marketing methods applicable today. It supports not only our internal marketing campaigns but any future client inbound marketing projects as well.

“Now that our team holds these certifications, I’m excited to see how we can improve our own marketing plans as well as offer a new set of services to our clients,” Michelle said.

This is the first certification for all three Briteskies team members, although further HubSpot certifications are in the works. Stefanie and Hannah are working on adding the official HubSpot Certification to their repertoires, and Michelle is studying for the HubSpot Design Certification. Each additional certification will strengthen our marketing team’s skills and offerings.

To learn how inbound marketing can benefit your business, give us a call.

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