Briteskies' Favorite Third-Party Magento Modules: uDropShip

Hannah Gierosky

We love working with Magento, and highly recommend it for our clients and their eCommerce needs. But, no platform is perfect, and that’s when third-party modules come in handy. They can be applied to your Magento site to fully leverage its power and utilize it to your business’ success.


uDropShip, by Unirgy, allows your Magento store to have multiple vendors and ways to ship. This is hugely beneficial when a storeowner wants to provide items on their site without carrying the inventory.

Say, for example, a Magento storeowner wants to sell 5,000 SKUs but is only able to carry inventory for 2,500 of those SKUs, with the other half of the catalog being offered through vendors. In that situation, uDropShip can be used to make sure that all of the order information coming into the site goes through an automatic process, whether it’s an inventoried SKU or one from a vendor.

When a customer places an order through Magento for items carried by a vendor, uDropShip sends the order to the vendor who fulfills and ships the order. The vendor then notifies uDropShip once the order has shipped, and uDropShip notifies Magento who sends updates to the customer.

Further, uDropShip is able to create individual invoices. When uDropShip is notified of a shipment by a vendor, it invoices the customer for the order on behalf of the Magento store. uDropShip is also equipped with some vendor decision logic, such as the capability to ship an order in the fewest number of packages.

Our team has implemented uDropShip for clients in order to allow them to offer a large catalog without maintaining a lot of inventory.

Contact the Briteskies Magento team to find out more about implementing uDropShip with your Magento store.

Stay tuned for profiles of more of our favorite third-party Magento modules, and read our thoughts on uRapidFlow here.

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