Briteskies is a Smart Culture Award 2023 Honoree

Hannah Gierosky

We are excited to announce that Briteskies has been recognized as a 2023 Smart Culture Awards Honoree. Hosted by Smart Business, the awards and associated conference explore “how culture can become an asset to drive performance, transform your organization into an employer-of-choice, and ultimately impact the bottom line.” At Briteskies, we’ve long believed that our company culture is the first step toward success, and we are honored to be recognized as an organization with a proven ability to develop a great culture.


Below, take a look at some of our responses to the questions from Smart Culture about how our company creates and maintains a culture that is beneficial to our employees and customers.  

Q: How does your culture influence the success of your company? 

A: Our culture is the bedrock of everything we do at Briteskies. Our mantra, “Trust, relationships, commerce,” drives our daily decision-making. We know that before we can display our technical expertise to our clients, we have to earn their trust. Personal relationships are just as, if not more, important than the hard skills clients are seeking. That’s why we rank culture fit highly when hiring new team members 

We know that skills can be learned, but meeting Briteskies culture has to be innate. Our team members are unique, but all are fun-loving, committed, and eager to learn. Of course, prior industry experience is preferred, but if someone displays Briteskies culture in their personality, we know they will be dedicated to learning the skills they need to get the job done. 

By building our company with culture in mind, we are able to bring a cohesive team to client projects. From there, we work to earn our clients’ trust and facilitate open communication between their team and ours. Treating our clients as humans, and not just a company, allows us to achieve our definition of success: creating thoughtful commerce solutions and long-term customer relationships. 

Q: Post-pandemic, how (if at all) has your culture changed? 

A: Business life post-pandemic didn’t change our culture so much as emphasize it. Prior to Covid-19, we were committed to facilitating open communication and positive relationships between coworkers. We thought of Briteskies as a family and wanted everyone to be a contributing member of that family.  

As we began to establish our “new normal” post-pandemic, we really leaned on that culture of teamwork and allowed it to guide us as we decided on next steps. Did folks want to come back into the office? Did team members prefer working remotely? Each step of the way, our leadership team consulted the organization and made decisions with group input.  

As a team, we decided to move forward with a hybrid work environment. Team members work from the office two days a week and work from home the other three days. This allows team members to continue with the convenience of remote work while still benefiting from in-person conversations and socializing. In-office camaraderie is a crucial part of Briteskies culture, and most team members wanted to return to that aspect of office life.  

Additionally, we expanded our leadership team to include representatives from all sides of the business, ensuring that all voices and perspectives would be heard. This has allowed us to continue our culture of team involvement. Everyone at Briteskies has the opportunity to express their opinions, further their interests, and influence the future of the company.  

Using these principles to guide our direction post-pandemic has only strengthened our culture and allowed us to continue to build strong relationships between our team members and our customers.  

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