From Office Manager to Virtual Office Manager: Championing a Successful Remote Team


briteskies-blog-briteskiesHow to support a team that is working remotely for the first time. 

Dear Virtual Office Manager,

If you’re like me, then when Monday comes you could not be more excited to get to the office to see your work family. I know it’s not the same for everyone, but helping people be successful on a daily basis is important to me. If I can help create a happy workplace for my teams then I have succeeded as a leader and as a team player.

In response to recent events with COVID-19, our state government has enacted a stay at home order. Even a month ago many of us did not believe this would happen, and we certainly weren’t ready for that reality. As a result, virtually managing the office has become top priority for me as the Briteskies Office Manager. So, from one office manager to another, I’d like share what is working for our team of newly virtual coworkers.

Here is how we are keeping our office culture alive and well:

  • Right now, we’re focusing on overcommunicating. Touch base more than you would if you were all in the office together, even if it’s just to send out some good vibes!
  • Weekly virtual happy hours hosted by leadership are a way to see each other casually and, of course, enjoy a beverage together.
  • Daily social connecting time with immediate teams let everyone touch base, stay on the same page, and talk about Tiger King.
  • Encourage challenges that will give everyone a break from work, even if just for a few minutes a day. Some we have done are sharing pictures of our at-home workspaces or sharing what our “coworkers” (pets) are up to.
  • Under the umbrella of overcommunicating, our leadership team has been great at giving frequent updates on the company and progress on current projects.

Here are some tips for a successful home workspace that have been working for us:

  • Be sure to designate a remote workspace for yourself.
  • Encourage your team to take breaks throughout the day – go outside, walk the dog, etc.
  • Reward your fellow team members when they do something good, even if that’s just a shout out in the company Slack channel. We could all use a little extra encouragement right now!
  • Provide the best resources for audio quality and be clear about which tool everyone should be using to connect. There should be one main hub of activity that the whole company can rely on.
  • Make sure that important conversations are happening out in the open by encouraging video and chat.
  • Pay careful attention to individual and team accountability. People still need to show up, even if we can’t see each other in person.
  • Share blogs and articles with each other about working remotely and being successful at it.

At the end of the day we are all in this together. See you on the other side!

Stay safe healthy,

Rosie Biggs
Office Manager
Briteskies LLC

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