Club 2K 2014

Hannah Gierosky


Another Club 2K event is in the books! This year’s crew enjoyed a fun day of racing at Lake County Speedway. Those in attendance were Mike Berlin, Rosie Biggs, Mark Kucalaba, Nathan Giri, Matt Wolf, Mike Iaconis, Lavi Miksa, and Prathyusha Takkillapati. Club 2K creator Mike Berlin came up with the racing idea for this year’s event.

“I am always looking for something different than what most people would have access to. I try to make them something that will be very memorable and something that they will talk about for months and years in the future. Kind of like mini-bucket list events.”

Club 2K acknowledges those team members who have billed 2,000 or more hours in the course of a year. Mike came up with the idea as a way to reward the tremendous effort put forth by the highest performing people at Briteskies. Previous events have included front row seats at a Gladiators game and a special Cavaliers event.

DSC_0947“Not all people are capable of making it to 2,000 billable hours in a year, only the truly dedicated,” Mike said. “These people work hard and drive a lot of the revenue that Briteskies receives. They should have something special.”

Nathan Giri has been to five Club 2K events but, according to him, “this was the best event yet!”

Matt Wolf agreed that this was the best event, and he has attended five as well.

“Some of the funny highlights were the following: Mike Iaconis' gray face from racing the go-karts, Berlin wrecking Kucalaba into all of the cones, Lavi sending me through the tires and into the grass, and Rosie making multiple trips to the grass and puddles," Matt said.  

Rosie Biggs is invited each year because, as Office Manager, she is the person that bills all of the hours. Although she had a great time along with everyone else, Rosie expressed some fear as well.

“The racing in go-karts was insanely scary for me! I just felt like my car was going to flip at every turn, but I enjoyed every moment out there on the track with the Club 2K team. Probably the funniest part was wiping out and getting drenched by water and mud!”

Mike Iaconis has billed over 2,000 hours each of his seven years with Briteskies, and he had a great time racing at this year’s event.


“Go-karts were swerving every which direction and things were flying through the air everywhere. Riding in the race truck strapped in with a five-point harness and buzzing within inches of the wall at a high rate of speed was fun too. I can’t wait to see how Mike (Berlin) is going to top this one next year.”

Mike Berlin certainly has his work cut out for him as the tradition continues. 

“Ideally I would like everyone to experience the Club 2K reward events. But, I think that one of the biggest things that makes them cool is the small group size and intimacy that we are able to accomplish.”

Congratulations to those who made this year’s Club 2K list! We can't wait to see what next year has in store! 

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