Content Marketing Resolutions 2016

Hannah Gierosky

content_marketing_resolutions.pngThe countdown is on to the end of 2015, and many of you are probably establishing your list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2016. While personal goals towards wellness and happiness are important, have you considered your content marketing resolutions? Now is the time to look to the next year and establish what you want your marketing team to achieve in 2016.

2015 was a great year for content marketing: Content Marketing World had the highest attendance ever, eCommerce sites were creating valuable content, and here at Briteskies, three team members earned their Inbound Marketing Certifications through HubSpot. Looking towards the future, what can we expect from content marketing in 2016?

If you need some ideas for 2016 content marketing goals, some of the industry’s leading content marketers have weighed in with their predictions for the coming year.

One prediction seen again and again is that content marketing will become a more mainstream form of marketing, leading to more acceptance in organizations and, yes, more funding.

“Companies will increase investment in content marketing. As they continue to refine their strategy, they will see this investment pay off through a higher number of sales-ready leads,” predicts Ann Handle, Founder of MarketingProfs, in this infographic from Curata.

Is one of your resolutions to prove that content marketing is worth further investment? Or, perhaps, your resolution is to fully leverage the budget you have in new and more powerful ways.

In order to reimagine your content marketing strategy with the budget you have, you will have to think big.

colleen_jones.jpg“To make in impact through content, brand marketers will need to go big. By big, I don’t mean high volume. I mean ambitions. I mean unique. I mean impactful,” envisages Colleen Jones, CEO of Content Science. 

What better time to dream big than at the start of a brand new year? Don’t be afraid to set lofty goals for your content marketing strategy. Pushing your limits will bring about change and will certainly create results, and will hopefully keep you on the right side of Joe Pulizzi’s prediction for 2016.

“While we will see shining examples of content marketing magic in action, the sheer majority of brands will continue to crash and burn with their contnt creation and distribution efforts. Simply put, most brands resist telling a truly differentiated story, and even those that do tell one aren’t consistent or patient enough to build loyal audiences over time.”

If the founder of Content Marketing Institute is advising patience and consistency, that’s enough of a reason to put it on your list of content marketing resolutions.

So, with some of these ideas fresh in your mind, we ask: what’s at the top of your content marketing resolutions list?

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