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Hannah Gierosky

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Some of our team members are attending Content Marketing World this week right here in Cleveland, and we have marketing on the brain! This month’s Best of the Blogosphere features some articles about when marketing meets eCommerce.

Omni-Channel Shoppers: An Emerging Retail Reality

Earlier this week we discussed the influence of eCommerce on brick-and-mortar retail, a topic that is becoming more and more important as technology plays an increasing role in the retail industry. Those shoppers who use both online and in-store to their advantage are considered omni-channel shoppers.

This article from Google addresses the issue of marketing specifically to the omni-channel shopper. The article breaks down three ways to reach the omni-channel shopper:

  1. Measure cross-device and online-to-store shopping behavior
  2. Provide omni-channel shoppers with relevant, local information
  3. Create an organizational structure that supports omni-channel marketing

Using these tactics will help your organization better understand your customer and plan for the future of retail marketing. Read more here.

5 Ways eCommerce Sites are Killing it with Content Marketing

If we have learned one thing so far this week at Content Marketing World, it’s that the most important part of marketing is to create a relationship with your customer. The best way to do that is to build trust through creating valuable content.

This Shopify article highlights five successful content marketing strategies seen in eCommerce. While you could have probably guessed a few of them (More pictures! More video!), one tip is a little surprising: Be Your Own Media Outlet.

While becoming a media outlet may sound like an overwhelming task, the idea behind it is simple: provide knowledgeable and useful content targeted for your audience. This is different than a sales pitch or product plug, in that it is content created to address your customer’s pain points, not show off your product or service.

Learn more about becoming your own media outlet as well as the other four strategies here.

Download 5 Questions to ask yourself before starting an eCommerce project.

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