Dave Balser Celebrates 10 Years with Briteskies

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Dave Balser 10 year anniversary.

Dave Balser Celebrates his 10 Year Anniversary with Briteskies

As a senior JD Edwards consultant, Dave Balser is a key to the success of Briteskies' JD Edwards projects, and our company. Dave's efforts not only support Briteskies and our clients' initiatives, but the planet as well. Through programs he's establishing in our office, we're all becoming more aware of our carbon footprints, and how our environment as a resource is as essential as the people within it. With our craft beers raised high: CHEERS to TEN YEARS, Dave!

A long time client of Dave shares his thoughts:

As a Briteskies customer, we've been working with Dave for about four years; during this time, we've known Dave to be nothing but positive and energetic. He is a dedicated worker who pays excellent attention to detail and always clearly documents his processes. Dave is open-minded and works so well with our team. He truly delivers when it comes to long-term projects. Dave brightens our days, not only with his dedication, but with his impeccable style! Dave: Congratulations on 10 years with Briteskies, and thank you for all you do!

Director Bill Onion salutes Dave and his milestone:

I’ve known Dave for over 15 years, and he’s simply a great guy. He’s a pleasure to work with, and he brings a fresh perspective to the team. His knowledge of JD Edwards software and his ability to help clients is amazing. His clients know that he’s a phone call away, and usually a few minute phone call will get them headed in the right direction. We’re fortunate to have Dave here as part of the Briteskies family. I sincerely hope to have him here for another 10+ years!

Dave Balser reflects on the past 10 years:

I've been with Briteskies now for 10 years, and what's still so significant to me is how we continue to evolve as the market changes. We began as an organization which provided AS/400 technical and application development services; now, we're a full solution eCommerce consultancy. Our original core service offerings for the iSeries RPG development and JD Edwards remain, but there's been such a change in focus to commerce engines and web development utilizing WebSphere Commerce and Magento. I believe this really speaks to the vision and dedication of all of our colleagues that we've been able to grow the business in this way. Thank you, Dave, for all your work and dedication; here's to 10 more!

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