Do the Right Thing Award Winner Derrik Nyomo

Hannah Gierosky
November 15, 2013 | 12:00 PM

Congratulations are in order for our first Do the Right Thing Award recipient, Derrik Nyomo.

Derrik won the Mantra of the Month award in April for “Being a Learner, Not a Knower.” In his nomination, a coworker described Derrik as a consummate learner, citing his upward mobility within the company as well as his ability to solve challenges while maintaining his cool and communicating with other team members. Derrik was also nominated in June for adhering to the “Customer Focus” mantra. It was noted that Derrik not only focuses on external customers, but internal as well, fixing critical issues without complaint.


Derrik joined Briteskies as our Network Administrator and, through his commitment to learning, now serves as a Certified Magento Plus Developer as well. During his time here, he has continued to find ways to live our mission of stretching, learning and growing. While he still supports all of our internal IT needs he has also become a three-time Magento Certified Developer (CD, CD+ and Front End Developer). Derrik consistently demonstrates his commitment to both his internal and external clients on a daily basis and is always striving to meet their needs.

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