Do the Right Thing: Clear and Open Communication

Hannah Gierosky

As part of our office culture and commitment to our customers, we place a lot of emphasis on our core values. These pieces of wisdom empower each and every member of the Briteskies team to know that what they are doing is right for not only them, but the company and the customer as well. By evaluating decisions against our values, the true spirit of Briteskies is found in every choice made.


To further highlight these values, we pick one each quarter to focus on and reward those team members who exemplify the chosen value. In the second quarter of 2015, that value was Clear and Open Communication.

We strive to be a transparent company by sharing what we can and not hiding behind emails, excuses, or walls. In order to achieve this, we constantly ask ourselves if we are clearly communicating with ourselves, our team, and most importantly, our customers.

The team members who were recognized for Clear and Open Communication are listed below, along with an excerpt from their nomination from another member of the Briteskies team.

Bill Mudrak 

Bill has been working on the (client) project for a while, and I find his approach and communication to be great. He works with the client to understand the issue, and then does a thorough investigation of the options. He then shares the options with the client with the implications of these options. He’s been a great addition to the (project) team!

Michelle Kowalski

Michelle uses her creative and artistic abilities to craft visual messages that promote our customer’s products as well as our own services. She has been instrumental in the website refresh and continues to impact the organization with her ideas about branding, design style, etc. Our website, as well as the work she does in support of our customers, is a great example of how to use design to support organizational goals.

Hannah Gierosky

Hannah is a pro at asking the right question necessary to get at the information needed to craft informative, educational blogs for our clients. Given that she came into her position without any eCommerce experience, she has really grown into an experienced writer. She has developed a process that is easy for the non-writer to participate in and our blog and website traffic has continued to thrive.

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