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Hannah Gierosky

Everything we do at Briteskies is measured and evaluated against our core values. For every decision we face, whether by an intern or developer, management or ownership, we ask ourselves certain questions that pertain to our values. When a team member exemplifies those values, we like to recognize and reward their efforts. In the first quarter of 2015, we recognized those team members who displayed Customer Focus.


We take pride in the fact that we are trusted by our customers, but it takes hard work to earn that trust. Customer Focus means that a team member is making decisions based on the best interest of our customers, recognizing that they have trusted us with their limited and valuable time and resources. Each of these nominees regularly display that they put the customer’s needs before their own, building a trustworthy relationship between Briteskies and our clients. 

Those team members who were recognized are listed below, along with an excerpt from their nomination from another member of the Briteskies team.  

Bob Baird

“He is simply phenomenal with the client and his projects. His projects are always on time and always on budget.”

Mike Cesen

“(The client) loves him and he is one of the leaders that make the client’s team function well. From handling team issues to checking time on a weekly basis, he is an important cog to our wheels there.”

Nathan Giri

A new client nominated Nathan and although the project is slightly out of his element, the client expressed that they are pleased with his performance and his ability to pick up new skills quickly in order to complete the tasks at hand.

Mark Kucalaba

“Through Mark’s years working for (the client), he has amassed a wide range of domain knowledge. He is often called upon to provide help or guidance for various day-to-day issues, and although Mark has a full load of tactical responsibilities, he manages to help whenever possible. Mark’s ability to help the client is a main reason as to why Briteskies can be viewed as a valued partner.”

Ted Pshock

“In all of his knowledge and skillset, he always puts the customers’ needs first. I have always seen Ted as hardworking, putting in the extra hours, making special trips to see the client, always making sure they are well taken care of.”

Matt Trimmer

“He is always willing to talk through issues and help them solve whatever problem they have encountered. He is ready to drop whatever he is currently working on to put (the client) first.”

Congratulations to everyone who was recognized, and keep up the great work!

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