Mantra of the Month: Integrity & Ethics and Customer Focus

Hannah Gierosky

Congratulations go out to our most recent Monthly Mantra winners, Dave Balser and Mark Kucalaba. Dave was nominated for both February and March, and Mark was nominated for March as well.

February’s Mantra of the Month was Integrity and Ethics. This mantra focuses on the decisions made within the company and whether or not they support the values that our customers, team members and communities have come to expect from us. In Dave’s nomination, his coworker describes him as “the personification of integrity and ethics.”



“He’s the person that can be trusted with any amount of money, any kind of sensitive information, and I would personally trust him with any client situation.  As we work together chasing JDE deals, Dave will always want to inform our partners and staff of what is happening and what that means for them.  As situations change, he’s always right there to let everybody know what is happening – and he does not shy away from delivering bad news.”

Dave was also nominated for the Mantra of the Month in March: Customer Focused. True to its name, the Customer Focused Mantra encourages decision-making based on the best interest of our customers, recognizing that they have trusted us with their limited and valuable time and resources.

“Dave is always trying to meet the customer’s needs. He is willing to rearrange his schedule when something important comes up at the client. He is constantly thinking ahead to anticipate their needs and anticipate problems so that they can be solved quickly. He uses whatever tools are available to communicate more effectively with the client such as PowerPoint, SharePoint, etc. Dave is also willing to spend time helping clients even when they are not engaged with a project and the time is not billable.”

Dave said he was surprised to be nominated for either category, and certainly did not expect to win both, but feels there is a correlation between the two mantras.

“To me, the two go hand-in-hand. Clients want to work with partners they can trust, so I’ve always tried to guard both Briteskies’ and my personal reputation,” Dave said.



Mark Kucalaba was nominated for Customer Focused as well. Mark’s dedication to the client and his constant display of extra effort were highlighted in his nomination.

“Mark continually puts in extra effort to help not only the client but also his team members. Whether it is coming into work at 2AM or working until 2AM, Mark continually puts in the extra effort and time to make sure the client receives the best possible service.”

Congratulations to Dave and Mark! Keep up the exceptional work!



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