How Customer Service Affects Business Success

Hannah Gierosky

customer service .pngThe old adage “the customer is always right” has been a mainstay in business culture for years. This mindset relates back to the impact customer service has on an organization. Everyone wants a happy customer because a satisfied customer is more likely to buy from you again. So why does it seem that customer service is on the decline?

In his article for E-Commerce Times, Jeff Kagan says that customers feel that customer care is at an all-time low. And if companies aren’t treating their shoppers with respect, they are alluding that they don’t care, which in turn means the customers don’t care about the company. Kagan says that instead, companies should view a dissatisfied customer as an opportunity to create a loyal customer.

As technology and, especially, social media makes its way into the realm of customer service, it may seem like it should be easier than ever to connect with customers and help solve their problems. Using Twitter to interact with a buyer is an easy way to make contact and potentially solve a problem. But while that approach works for some shoppers in some industries, many people still want traditional customer care.

In business and in life, it really is all about people and the relationships we have with them. Companies that reach out to their customers and treat them as individuals are more likely to have a great reputation and consistently do strong business. 

Here at Briteskies, we have a few mantras that we like to keep in mind during a project. One of those mantras is People First. We don’t do business with other companies, we do business with other people. It is the people at the companies we work with and the trusted relationships we have built with their team over time that truly matter. We must always remember that people come first. If we do right by people, then everything else will fall into place.

That mindset starts at the top at Briteskies. Our management team takes care to make sure that every Briteskies team member feels like they have a connection to the company and an investment in Briteskies’ success. Because we care about the company, we then care that our customers are satisfied with our services and their results.

Kagan says in his article that “companies that don’t care about workers and customers don’t have workers and customers who care about them.” Our leadership team has ensured that everyone at Briteskies takes pride in our work, with excellent customer service following naturally.

This quarter we are focusing on our People First value at Briteskies. If you have ever worked with someone on our team who clearly demonstrated the People First value, we would love to hear from you. Fill out this form and we will celebrate that individual at our quarterly company meeting.

CLICK HERE to nominate a Briteskies  team member who has displayed the People First value.

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