Implementing Marketing Solutions with Magento

Matt Trimmer

Magento+Listrak.pngWe love Magento’s marketing capabilities and have customized and leveraged them for all different types of clients. During a recent eCommerce implementation project, however, our client decided that they wanted a more advanced marketing option than what Magento had to offer. While configurations could have been made to the existing marketing tools, in this situation the client had an aggressive marketing plan that required a more involved platform. So, our team worked to implement the Listrak marketing automation module for our client.

Listrak is a widely-used eCommerce marketing automation platform that offers more options than what most eCommerce platforms provide out of the box. Not only does it have more functionality, the reporting tools also give the client a better insight into their marketing efforts. For this project, our client, a B2C retailer, wanted to be able to send more targeted and advanced emails. 

Magento’s inherent marketing abilities includes email capabilities, which is great for things like cart abandonment or automated emails. Our client, however, wanted to include more marketing content in their email campaigns.

Magento does not have marketing capabilities within their inherent email templates, meaning that for our client to include things like cross- and upsells, related products, etc. in emails would have required extensive customizations. Using Listrak, they now have the ability to include product recommendations in emails like order confirmations, shipment notifications, and cart abandonment reminders, as well as purely marketing campaign emails.

In order to gather email addresses for these marketing endeavors, Listrak allows the client to use pop ups to get site visitor information to add them to promotional email lists. Additional marketing data gathered by Listrak can be leveraged in emails as well.

Those product recommendations used in emails can be leveraged on-site too, as well as more advanced rule-based product relations. The first part of this solution to be implemented is a Popular Products section on the homepage of the client’s site. Customers will receive product recommendations using the marketing intelligence from Listrak, as opposed to the rule-based product relations in Magento. Not only will this be an impactful tool, but it was a relatively simple integration due to our team’s Magento expertise

Due to our Magento team’s experience, we were able to seamlessly integrate Listrak into Magento, so that our client can utilize the more advanced marketing tools while still leveraging all that Magento has to offer for their eCommerce site.

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