Mike Iaconis Celebrates Ten Years with Briteskies

Hannah Gierosky

iaconis_ales_on_rails-664520-edited.jpgCongratulations to Mike Iaconis, who recently celebrated ten years with Briteskies! Mike is an integral part of the JD Edwards team and has been committed to Briteskies since day one. In each of his ten years as a Senior JD Edwards Consultant, Mike has billed over 2,000 hours while working hard for his clients.

“I have to do the best job I can for Briteskies and my clients. I also look at myself as one of my client’s employees, so I need to give my best so that the client will be successful,” he has said about his continued dedication.

But his commitment to the customer is just one of the many reasons why Mike is a benefit to Briteskies. As any member of the team will tell you, Mike is a kind and considerate colleague who not only works hard for the client, but encourages his coworkers as well. Along with supporting his coworkers, fellow team members have highlighted his ability to seek out advice when he needs it. By admitting when he doesn’t have the answer to a problem and reaching out for help with a solution, Mike proves his dedication to the client’s solution.

Over the years he has been recognized for his commitment to Briteskies’ core values, especially Customer Focus. The Customer Focus value asks team members to consider whether a decision is in the best interest of the customer, recognizing that they have trusted us with their limited and valuable time and resources.

One incident in particular that highlights his dedication to Customer Focus came after he received an urgent request from an IBM i client while he was in the middle of two other projects. He responded immediately and was able to efficiently solve the issues at hand, putting in the extra hours to do so. The result was a satisfied client who brought attention to Mike’s great work.

For nearly every project Mike has worked on, there is a story like this. His unfailing dedication to getting the job done and getting it done right has helped us build our brand of being trusted by our customers.

Thanks for all that you do for Briteskies, Mike! Congratulations!

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