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Briteskies Client Provided with Automation; Introducing Shoffee Sure Ship

Shoffee, where consumers can easily “shop [online] for coffee” was one of Briteskies’ first Magento Enterprise clients. Our development team migrated Shoffee’s less than simple to use HTML site to Magento, providing the product management team with the ability to easily update content without technical assistance.

As Shoffee’s eCommerce channel has continued to grow, its business owners recognized that creating an exceptional user experience would be paramount to satisfied customers and repeat business. Because coffee and tea are consumables, customers were frequently placing and reordering products cyclically. Though Shoffee’s checkout process was standard enough, customers were still required to log into their accounts and manually confirm orders. After researching automated processes which would improve the customer’s ability to view, place and receive orders, it was determined that a third-party solution integrated with Magento Enterprise would satisfy Shoffee’s need. The Shoffee team knew our highly experienced, certified Magento development group possesses the first-hand knowledge to create seamless touch-points to and from the eCommerce platform.

Shoffee chose the SaaS provider OrderGroove‘s subscription solution, which allows customers to control the frequency of their orders, automatically. By placing the power of setting terms of billing intervals in the customers’ hands, Shoffee has strengthened its relationship with those who already know and trust the brand. In addition to new functionality achieved through the integration of OrderGroove’s solution and Magento Enterprise, the Briteskies development team worked to further enhance Shoffee’s site, including the activation of full page caching. Full page caching vastly improves site performance; caching works by increasing a site’s speed, therefore reducing a page’s load time. And, as the team recently learned during their time at Imagine, Magento recently released version 1.13. This latest version of Magento Enterprise will only further improve the eCommerce user’s experience and will include optimized indexing, a speedier checkout, enhanced tax calculation algorithms and new functionality; these are areas in which all Magento Enterprise clients should look to make improvements.

While we know how incredibly talented and diligent our Magento development team is, it’s always nice to hear it straight from the client:

“As we’re wrapping up the OrderGroove integration with Shoffee, I just wanted to let you know that I feel like your team went above and beyond in making it happen. They were both great to work with and extremely knowledgeable. It has, once again, been a pleasure to work with Briteskies.”

- Joe Simonovich, Principal

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