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Magento Imagine 2013


2013 marked Briteskies’ second annual sponsorship and attendance at Magento Imagine. From Monday, April 8th to Wednesday April 10th, out team spoke with and learned from colleagues, partners, merchants, friends and some of the industry’s most renowned experts.While most of our team needed a day or two to process all the information/recover, attendees Bill Onion, Gian Genovesi, Derrik Nyomo,  Kris Brown and (almost especially) Ryan Street couldn’t wait to tell everyone what they had learned.

 Here’s what some of our Magento development team had to say about Magento Imagine 2013:

Gian Genovesi, Magento Delivery Director:

Magento did an incredible job with Imagine this year.  Relevant sessions, intriguing merchants and partners, and an excellent solution partner event to close the whole thing with a bang. The Paypal/eBay/Magento family seems to have some very interesting and disruptive things in store for the world of eCommerce. I’ve enjoyed both of my Imagine experiences and I’m really excited to see what’s next!

Ryan Street, Magento Certified Developer Plus:

For those of you who might not be aware, our own Magento Certified Developer Plus, Ryan Street, is an avid blogger and has been sharing his tech tips, tricks and thoughts for more than the past three years. Ryan wrote up an entire Magento Imagine 2013 Reflection, and we’d highly suggest the read.

Derrik Nyomo, Magento Certified Developer Plus:

The overall event was very high energy and motivating. The keynote speakers were great and it is too hard to pick a favorite. All the breakout sessions were very informative, and there was even a little controversy with the new Twig feature in Magneto 2. One of the coolest aspects of the conference was meeting some of the members in the Magento community that I have been leaning from since I started working with Magento.

Kris Brown, Magento Certified Developer:

It was really interesting to learn about what developers should expect with the anticipated beta release of Magento 2. The process to create extensions will inherently pose a greater learning curve to those who are already familiar with, and certified in Magento. I can only assume that developers who have earned their certifications will need to retest in order to ensure clients they’re dedicated to adhering to Magento best practices. For example, with new technology that Magento will be introducing, skins will be eliminated completely, and both the phtml and css will reside within the Magento extension code. I think that the release of Magento 2.0 will create a greater division between Magento experts and developers who dabble, posing both greater risks as well as greater advantages to clients; it will be imperative that eCommerce merchants really do their homework in choosing an official solution partner.

Magento Imagine live-blogged during the show, and there is a lot of great content already available (and we’re anticipating more to come). Check out a few of the event photos, and let us know if you need to know more about Imagine, Magento or Briteskies!

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