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Derrik Nyomo

When setting up your Magento site, the organization of your products may not be the first task on your mind. Sure, your offerings are sorted into categories, but beyond that, merchandising may not take a top spot on the to-do list. Luckily, Magento’s Visual Merchandiser Tool makes sorting products on the fly a simple task.

Using the Visual Merchandiser Tool, you can easily determine the order of a category’s products using a drag-and-drop functionality. This tool gives you a visual representation of the process as you move your products around into the display you want.Magento_Visual_Merchandizer.png

Making it a visual process instead of a coding one allows those most invested in merchandising, typically marketers, to take control of the process. Since marketers are not completing the initial product load, the Visual Merchandiser allows them to organize items according to promotions.

The desired order of products can change season-to-season or even day-to-day as promotions change. Before the Visual Merchandiser, this would require looking up SKU numbers and sorting items that way. Now, marketers can just drag items around in a category until the display meets their approval.

Although both Community and Enterprise versions of Magento are capable of sorting products, only Enterprise offers the Visual Merchandiser. Perhaps that’s another incentive to switch from Community to Enterprise.

Below are just some of the features available with the Visual Merchandiser:

  • Drag and drop user interface
  • Merchandise an entire category in a single window
  • Integrated product search to help you find products to include in the category
  • Customizable product metadata display: showing stock, price, and other attributes
  • Instantly see stock availability as you merchandise

Check out this video to see the Visual Merchandiser in action.

Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 Visual Merchandiser Tutorial – Drag-and-Drop Merchandising from Magento on Vimeo.


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