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 Being a senior at John Carroll University you have requirements that need to be met before your graduation day, one of those requirements is fulfilling an internship.

Looking for an internship I noticed that you can find yourself in so many different positions and industries. Through different interview processes and job ads I looked through, I was struggling to find the perfect fit for me. On a random day in November, I got a call from my advisor saying that he believed he found the perfect internship for me. After reading through the roles and responsibilities I couldn’t have agreed more. The only emotion I was feeling at that time was excitement. Going through the interview process that emotion just grew more and more,  especially when I was offered a position on the Briteskies team as a Marketing and Sales intern. 

The start to my internship was of course a little crazy, the week I started I tested positive for Covid and two weeks later was Christmas! Under those circumstances, onboarding was different than it was supposed to be, but the Briteskies team worked so well to help accommodate me. My work mentor, Leah, as well as my supervisor, Stefanie, made everything that much easier for my transition by making me feel comfortable and at home with the team! 

My everyday duties rely heavily on the prospecting process, including finding different leads, making initial contact with potential customers, and creating email sequences within the CRM. During the process I began to learn that every client you come into contact with is unique and is looking for a unique unmet need. An important piece of sales advice I learned was to learn the personality of the person you are working with. For example, think to yourself “does this person like to chat or are they ready to get right to business.” This can help you understand the client's personality and lead to creating a better work relationship and environment.

When working in sales, building strong relationships is key to being successful and great relationships with coworkers and prospects will keep you motivated and focused on improving.  

Touching on the marketing side of my internship, I worked in Canva, as well as wrote several blog posts! Within my major at John Carroll I had to do a lot of writing and creative thinking so pushing me to use those skills during my internship really helped me hone those learned skills. Using Canva, I created graphics and images to help promote the content I created in hopes of grabbing the attention of readers. 

Working an internship is for sure the best way to grow your skills. Through my internship, I gained skills like relationship building, using Canva to create graphics, sales and prospecting, and organization. Staying organized was super important as I had to keep track of prospects, their pain points and their needs. Overall the skills gained and programs used in my internship brought me lifelong skills to use in my future endeavors. 

I could not be more grateful to the Briteskies team for welcoming me in. Everyday I work I continue to learn from others on my team and I couldn’t ask for anything better. The most important thing I learned about a workplace is that you should feel comfortable where you are at all times and that is exactly how I felt at Briteskies! The team is amazing and one word to describe it is family. The whole team has done more for my future than I could have even imagined. I would not have changed where I did my internship or those I have worked with over the past 6 months for anything else.

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