How to Support your Adobe Commerce (Magento) Site


How do you support your Adobe Commerce (Magento) site?

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Getting your site running, while a major achievement, is not where the work on your eCommerce site should end. Supporting your Adobe Commerce (Magento) site is an ongoing process that requires focused attention.

Whether that be day-to-day support, feature implementation, integration into other business processes, or an upgrade, you can’t expect your eCommerce site to maintain itself.  

So, who is going to maintain it? There are two options when it comes to support for your Adobe Commerce (Magento) site. You can find and hire an in-house employee or you can use a consulting partner, like Briteskies.  


Hiring an in-house employee is great if you have the need and resources for it. If you are running a complex site and require development support for more than 40 hours a week it is worth considering.  Having a person dedicated solely to the maintenance and development of your site ensures that it is performing at its best. But, the cost of in-house development is growing. Many Magento developers won’t consider a full-time in-house role for less than 150k annual salary, and on top of that, you are supplying health benefits, possible bonuses, and paid time off, all adding more cost to your business.  

Managed Services  

For many businesses, reallocating resources or hiring a full-time in-house employee and maintaining a full-time support staff just isn’t feasible. A managed services agreement with Briteskies is a great alternative when considering your Magento (Adobe Commerce) support and development.  

With a managed services agreement you have access to our team of talented Adobe-Certified Magento developers. Not only will you receive services like uptime monitoring, transaction monitoring, testing, and other performance reports, but you will have a commitment from our team to timely maintenance and support at a lower rate.

This option is a great choice for businesses to get the ongoing support they need and have a resource for future updates. If you are interested in learning more about using Magento managed services, contact us.

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