New Features of JD Edwards World A9.4

Bill Onion

JDE World A9.4.pngJD Edwards World A9.4 has introduced some new features for World users in Manufacturing, Sales and Procurement, and Financials.


Two large changes have been introduced for Manufacturing: Forecast Consumption by Customer and Cost by Work Center.

With Forecast Consumption by Customer, sales and shipments are compared to customer-specific forecast quantities rather than aggregate. This ensures the ability to meet contractual requirements based on customer-furnished forecasts. Using Forecast Consumption by Customer, standard forecast consumption logic is applied by customer to create an adjusted forecast, which will drive planning. This updated processing option allows you to specify the forecast type to be generated.

Cost by Work Center allows users to maintain costs by both cost components and work center, enabling variance monitoring by work center. After turning this functionality on by populating a new field in the manufacturing constants, users can still see aggregate cost numbers in cost components. However, users will also be able to see the cost types broken down by work center via a new function key/nav bar. Optionally, journal entries can also be written by work center via a new manufacturing accounting processing option.

Sales and Procurement

A new feature in Sales and Procurement is Encumbrance and Commitment. This feature works to improve data, tracking, balancing, and reporting of purchase orders with commitments by:

  • Tracking cancel dates for POs with commitments.
  • Providing a new integrity report for the PA ledger to identify discrepancies and ensure balances.
  • Giving users the option to prevent a PO cancellation in a different fiscal year than it was created.
  • Enabling receipt, reversal, and re-receipt of a PO without exiting the program and corrupting the PA ledger.


Financials has seen an updated Tax Field G/L Post. To reduce rounding errors associated with foreign and domestic taxes, new tax fields were added to A/P and A/R to support purchasing and sales passing detailed tax information.

With the updated Tax Field G/L Post, Purchasing and Sales directly update the detail tax fields in A/P and A/R. Additionally, New Tax application updates the tax ledger with the detail amounts, which reduces the amount of rounding errors by not recalculating taxes at a summarized amount.

This feature simplifies tax calculations so that they are only performed by the initial entry program. It also aligns tax ledger updates to work similarly to all other applications that create G/L transactions.

Another change found in Financials is G/L Componentization and Posting. This breaks out all the functionality within the post application that is not directly related to balancing, editing, creating I/C settlements, and posting from G/L transaction table to Account Balance table into separate applications. A/P and A/R pre-posts are aligned to work similarly to other applications that create G/L transactions.

By splitting up the previous application that was too large and performed too many tasks, this tool simplifies the post application to streamline enhancements and fixes in the future. 

Are you interested in leveraging these new features on your company’s JDE World instance? Contact our experienced JD Edwards team.

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