Our Favorite Third-Party Magento 2 Modules

Lindsey Mink

magento 2 modulesMagento is always working to help businesses maximize their potential, and with the release of Magento 2 came a slew of new updates and capabilities. However, there is still no perfect eCommerce platform. This is where third-party modules can come in handy, helping to fill the gap between general site needs and the unique, individual needs of your company. We asked our Magento expert, Matt Trimmer, what his favorite third-party modules were and how they have helped our customers create more customized, tailored websites. CIM CIM is a product of Paradox Lab that allows your company to accept customer payments in the form of credit card or check straight from your website. This extension also securely stores your customers' payment information, so it is easily accessible next time they are buying from your site. This removes some of the hassle from the checkout process, making it more enjoyable and easier to use for you and your customer.

Other notable features of CIM:

  • You can easily edit orders and reorder, without having to ask the customer for CC info again
  • Protect against fraud with Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS) and hold-for-review
  • Add, edit, and delete saved payment data
  • Use a different account for each website (multi-store support)

Magento’s out-of-the-box module uses deprecated technology and as a result does not function correctly. As a result, our team uses with Paradox Labs. We have implemented this module many times to ensure our clients have a secure and reliable credit card capturing tool.  

URapid Flow

uRapidFlow, created by Unirgy, is able to create both simple and configurable products in one load, no matter how many data entries are in the CSV file. It can create attributes and categories on the fly, and it has an effective header mapping system to define columns and their corresponding Magento attributes.

Other notable features of uRapidFlow include:

  • The module ignores empty or commented out rows in the CSV file
  • It can recognize and skip records that do not require updates
  • If a row in the CSV file contains multiple errors and warnings, it will log them all
  • Images can be downloaded off of the servers

For our team, one of the best examples of uRapidFlow’s power came when we had a tricky load process with a client. The way that the attributes in this project needed to be loaded was very selective and required a different format than is usually used in uRapidFlow. After discussing the issue with the uRapidFlow team, they were able to customize a load process just for our unique case, providing a smooth load and avoiding a delay in the project.


Wyomind is a data feed manager extension that exports your products from your Magento website into CSV, TXT, and XML data feeds that are compatible with any shopping engine. Wyomind allows companies to operate on any shopping channel. This results in a real-time accurate display of products on your eCommerce website as well as streamlines your Magento processes, fully optimizing your website.  

Other notable feature of Wyomind include:

  • Automatically and regularly send your updated data feed to the shopping engines
  • Efficiently export your products catalog to shopping entries
  • Create data feeds compliant with any shopping engine's requirements
  • Completely customize your data feed accordingly to your product catalogs

Specifically, we used data feeds for a client and their Slick Guns product feed. Slick Guns was described to us as the eBay for weapons. Our team built a custom feed for M1, but for M2, we were able to leverage Wyomind to build our product feed. This module generates an XML message that gets loaded onto a server for Slick Guns to pick up and publish on their site, resulting in a cohesive system.

There You Have It!

So, there you have it, our Magento Team’s favorite third-party modules! While Magento offers a vast amount of extensions, third-party modules can help to fully optimize your website. For extremely specific situations your company can also investigate Module Developers. Aheadworks and Amasty are two module developers recommended by our team. A combination of third-party modules with Magento can ensure your website works just the way you need it to.

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