Third Time's a Charm: An Intern's Experience

Lindsey Mink

lindseyI’m back! When I was offered the opportunity to work with Briteskies again I couldn’t say no.  From the company sponsored lunches to the seriously funny employees to the APA shelter across the way, I was ecstatic to be returning. I mean who doesn’t love a free lunch with a view of puppies? I returned to Briteskies with the impression I would continue to gain knowledge about different marketing techniques and further knowledge about programs such as HubSpot. However, I also learned about the day-to-day operations of a successful company.

This summer was a whirlwind of projects ranging from updating marketing data to helping with events to working directly with clients. Through sitting in on client calls and being involved in team meetings I was able to learn about more than just marketing techniques. I was able to see how a successful company communicates with one another as well as their clients. By working side by side with the Briteskies Marketing Team on their Magento B2B Event Campaign, I got hands on experience with creating marketing collateral from scratch as well as knowledge on how to develop and implement social media strategies.

My favorite thing about this summer was the trust the marketing team had in me. While everything I did wasn’t always perfect and often needed tweaked, they believed in my ability to complete more complex projects than previous summers. I really appreciated the freedom they gave me to spread my wings and implement my ideas. I was very excited to be able to bring fresh ideas to the table and demonstrate the growth I had experienced and show the knowledge I gained. It was also incredibly rewarding to see my work was helping other team members and making their lives just a little easier. I felt this summer I was able to successfully apply the knowledge I gained over the past two years to make a positive impact in the company.

The family-like atmosphere at Briteskies is always something I have enjoyed and their ability to make you feel valued as an employee is something I will miss. However, I am excited to continue my work with the Briteskies team from school. So, a huge thank you to Briteskies, for the summer of experience and the opportunity to continue working with them!

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