Supporting Your Casino Management System’s Custom IBM i Code

Bill Onion

It's not uncommon for teams to make customizations to their casino management system, whether for running specific reports or maintaining corporate standards. But what happens if the in-house developer who managed that code is no longer available? Whether they exited the company or moved into a new role, you're left without support for your customized casino management system code. So, where do you turn? 

IBM i Green ScreenAs we know, your best support option for your casino management system is the technology provider. But, they won't touch custom code. And you may not need a full-time staff member to maintain those limited customizations. That's where an outside IBM i developer comes in 

While finding an available IBM i developer can be tricky, finding one with relevant casino experience can be even tougher. Familiarity with casino applications is often the highest priority for our casino clients when choosing an outside developer. It's not enough to just have thorough AS/400 knowledge, developers also need to understand how all of your casino applications work together and how to make changes without inadvertently breaking something else.  

Our team has decades of AS/400 casino experience, with one of our developers even working for Bally's (now Light & Wonder) for over a decade. During that time, he saw pretty much everything, but specialized in assisting casinos with upgrades. His experience working on the corporate side of the Bally's programs gives him a unique perspective when it comes to helping casino clients with their customized code.  

Recently, Briteskies’s former client, Mohegan Sun, reached out for custom IBM i code support. They had lost their in-house developer and when an issue arose with their custom auditing program, they turned to our team for help.  

Mohegan Sun had up to 150 customizations at one point, but has been able to eliminate a handful through program upgrades and reporting tools. Some of those remaining customizations are crucial to business operations, such as their night audit reporting. When that night audit report hit a hiccup at the end of the month, Mohegan Sun reached out to our developer. And because he had an existing relationship with them, he was able to start troubleshooting immediately and get the report back up and running.  

Because of Gaming licensing restrictions, the best time to team up with an IBM i developer is before you have an urgent need for one. Getting state, tribal, or casino-specific approval to work on code can take time, so it's best to start that process as soon as you think you're going to need some outside help. From there, you'll have a licensed, experienced partner who is ready to assist whenever you need them.  

Because our developer had a previous relationship with Mohegan Sun, he was able to quickly team up with one of their in-house developers, troubleshoot the issue, identify a fix, and assist in writing a new program to recover the data they needed.  

It's not just emergency fixes; other situations where you may need outside IBM i developer support for your custom casino management code include:  

  • Creating new custom reports 
  • Adjusting data structure 
  • Surveillance of individual players 
  • Data purging and clean up 
  • Performing a system upgrade at the application level 

If any of those situations are applicable to your organization and your in-house IBM i developer is no longer available for support, reach out to our team. With decades of casino AS/400 experience, we're ready to help with your custom code needs. 

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