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Briteskies Congratulates, Thanks Nathan Giri

As a Senior iSeries Consultant, Nathan is an integral member of the Briteskies team. We recently reached out to one of our clients hoping they might share a word or two about working with Nathan; their response, though not surprising, was overwhelmingly positive.

"Nathan Giri has been involved in multiple projects at Alliance Petroleum Corporation (Alliance) over the past several years. We have always found his presence in the office to be positive. Nathan excels in the qualities we desire all employees to possess: creativity, dependability, flexibility, productivity and reliability.

One of the greatest strengths Nathan portrays is his ability to grasp the context of a project and to ask well analyzed questions providing for dynamic programming and user friendly end results. Nathan has consistently asked for immediate feedback to ensure he is on task with Alliance’s expectations; this has helped to expedite completion of many projects.

Many of the projects Nathan has completed for Alliance are, in our opinion, above normal in difficulty. Nathan’s problem solving abilities have exceeded all of our expectations. During a recent sale of the company Nathan exhibited a wonderful example of working with transition teams and kept Alliance updated with any additional requirements needed to expedite the multiple transactions that were happening simultaneously. Alliance was extremely pleased with Nathan’s ability to work in a stressful environment that allowed our company to be portrayed as a company with leading technology that continually enhances our ability to get the job done faster, do the job better and do the job with less people.

Briteskies is extremely fortunate to have Nathan Giri on the team". --Alliance Petroleum Corporation

In addition to the praise from our customer, Director Michael Berlin shared his thoughts.

"It has been an amazing ten years working with Nathan; he was the first employee of Briteskies back in 2002. From his belief in us as an organization then, to his exceptional dedication to his work and colleagues, we are incredibly fortunate to have him as a key member of our team. Personally, I am happy that we have become friends over the years. I look forward to Nathan spending at least the next ten years with the Briteskies family".

Nathan and his work exemplify why we're Trusted by Our Customers. Again, we congratulate and thank Nathan for his work and his friendship. CHEERS to another ten years!

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