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April 2, 2013 | 11:00 AM

Magento Imagine 2013

Why We Go,What We're Looking Forward to and What We're Seeing on Twitter:

This coming Monday April 8th, Briteskies will once again be a Silver Sponsor of Magento's Imagine eCommerce Conference.One might be inclined to believe that because Imagine is in Vegas that it's simply a giant party without a shred of purpose and very little decency; if you've never heard of the Imagine eCommerce conference, we'd like to begin by pointing out that it's nothing like the General Service Administration's "team building retreat". Not only is sponsorship of this event beneficial to Magento, with whom we're a Silver Solution Partner, but to all our stakeholders as well;  our clients are provided with a highly educated, certified Magento development team, and our team is given the opportunity to be better acquainted with the Magento community and our mutual partners, including Bronto, PEER1 Hosting and PayPal.

What Our Guys Think

Speaking with the team who will be attending on behalf of Briteskies, here's what a few of them had to say about the highly anticipated Imagine conference:

Bill Onion, Managing Director:

"I'm excited to discuss Briteskies' expertise, specifically regarding B2B applications of the Magento Enterprise platform. Having been a Magento Silver Solution Partner for well over a year now, we've made some really great, long-lasting relationships; it will be nice to get together with those we see far too infrequently, as well as welcome new members of the Magento community. Oh, and then there's Hash House a Go Go; no trip to Vegas is complete without a breakfast there."

Gian Genovesi, eCommerce Delivery Director

"For me, it's that I'll be learning from others as much as they'll be learning from Briteskies; I like that it's not a one-sided talk-at-you snooze-fest (without mentioning any other conferences I may or may not have attended in the past). Also, it's cool to learn where people travel from to get there. Last year I spoke with a guy from New Zealand; the closeness of the community certainly isn't geographically challenged. Speaking of geography: I love Cleveland, but it will be nice to experience this thing people are referring to as "Spring". Supposedly it's warm."

Ryan Street, Magento Certified Plus Developer

"I'm really looking forward to the next release of Magento and its subsequent new and improved features. The developer breakout tracks at BarCamp always prove to be really informative and a great networking opportunity.

Tweet on the Street

Despite not having even started yet, Twitter was squawking about it before 2012 had ended. Here's what some of our favorite #MagentoImagine friends and followers are saying: Via @royrubin05 RoyRubinTweet Via @brentwpeterson BrentWPetersonTweet Via @magento MagentoTweet Via @sherrierohde SherrieRohdeTweet Via @nobrowncow BriteskiesTweet Via @socialshark SocialSharkTweet Via @DWorkman1 DWorkman1Tweet

So now you know why we go, and what we (and our friends) think, now it's your turn. Be sure to tweet @nobrowncow using the hashtag #MagentoImagine. Last one's a rotten egg and see you at Imagine!

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