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Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Company is the largest Ohio-based railroad, with over 800 miles of track and over 140,000 freight carloads operating in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland. Besides for being one of the largest regional railway systems in the US, they also run on a system formally known as the AS/400. 

Briteskies has been a long-time provider of RPG support for Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad; we helped them with updating their billing process to make it efficient and error-free, we created a customized IBM i data extraction process which reformatted information and shared it with a third-party's system, and are performing audits continuously to identify low-performing modules and set plans for improvements. 

Original Green Screen

With our history and ongoing support providing trusted RPG support to Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad it is no surprise that they came to us when looking to modernize their RPG green screen incident reporting system. One of our IBM i programmers, Bryan, is working with them on this project.  

Bryan offers decades of experience on IBM midrange systems and is using Profound UI, an all-in-one solution, to transforms existing RPG applications in to GUI browser-based applications. By using Profound to modernize Wheeling’s incident reporting system employees will be able to report any incident into the system via an Android, Apple, or Windows device from wherever they are. Employees involved in or who witness an injury or incident will no longer need to be near the box to input the data, they can do it remotely from their phone. In other words, if they can access a web browser, they can use the application.  Updated GUI application

By taking advantage of browser-based capabilities that are not available on the standard 5250 RPG green screen, the end-user has an improved experience as they are able to interact with true internet screens with familiar functionality. GUI interfaces also enable greater flexibility in data viewing as users can sort data by column, for example, allowing for customization of the screen for specific uses.  

As a client that has used Briteskies for many years on a variety of IBM i related projects, we are excited to work with them on a consistent base through our outsourced development agreement. Having dedicated resources available to us on a managed hour basis allows us flexibility in how those hours are used giving us greater support in our shifting areas of needs."  

- Marc Masters, Director of IT Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad Company

Through our staffing resources, Briteskies continues to help Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway with their development needs on a managed hour basis, doing what they need when they need it. 

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