WebSphere Commerce Certification Update 2013

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How Certified is Your IBM Partner?


When choosing a business partner to assist your organization with any project, it’s important to consider not only timeline, budget and the probability that teams will work well with each other, but competency. A team’s ability to demonstrate its expertise mitigates risk and provides the client with an added sense of security, knowing that the technology with which a team works is truly in its wheelhouse ensures challenges will be addressed quickly and efficiently. We recently announced that Briteskies had achieved Premier Business Partner status with IBM. In conjunction with sales and service support our organizations provide each other, we earned the right to this accomplishment by holding a number of IBM certifications in both technical and sales functions. These certifications are a clear demonstration of Briteskies’ dedication to continuous self-improvement, IBM and most importantly, our clients. Help us to congratulate our team; we couldn’t achieve anything without them.


Jake Brasee, Lavi Miksa, Prathyusha Takkillapati, Chris Heino, IBM Certified Application Developers, WebSphere Commerce v7.0

This certification demonstrates an understanding of the WebSphere Commerce architecture and that the certificate holder can effectively use WCS tools to install and customize client projects.


Mike Downs, WebSphere Commerce Architect, Coremetrics Technical Professional v1

This certification measures IBM Coremetrics knowledge regarding the ability to identify, manage and close sales opportunities. Coremetrics, now a part of IBM Enterprise Marketing Management, provides powerful web analytics and digital marketing optimization as part of IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative. Coremetrics allows IBM clients to make well-educated decisions on how to properly target their online audiences.


Michael Berlin, IBM WebSphere Solutions Sales Professional v5 and Certified Solution Designer, WebSphere MQ v7.0

The Solution Sales Professional Mastery test is used to validate an IBM expert’s knowledge in a non-technical capacity. Tests such as these are incredibly beneficial to WebSphere Commerce clients in that they demonstrate our Briteskies’ IBMers’ understanding of the product line, which solutions would be best suited for an organization and ultimately how IBM clients can capitalize on their investments to the fullest.

The WebSphere MQ v7.0 Solution Designer demonstrates application connectivity and integration expertise, and provides WebSphere Commerce clients with direct access to a resource who can assist with the planning and building of system touch points. Building tightly-integrated system connections ensures the utmost efficiency; manual processes are eliminated, transactions and order fulfillment occur faster and data is never lost and always accessible.


Mark Kucalaba, Bill Mudrak, IBM Commerce Solutions Selling/Order Management Sales Professionals v1

Another Mastery test, this certification allows an IBM professional to demonstrate his or her knowledge within areas such as the roles of IBM Sterling Configure Price Quote and the Sterling Order Management Solutions, and how these fit and work within the Smarter Commerce landscape.

IBM Enterprise Marketing Management Solution Sales Professional v1

This Mastery exam demonstrates an expertise in knowing and understanding the various marketing tools IBM offers its clients. Additionally, the bearer of this certificate has proven his or her ability to develop powerful marketing strategies for online retailers. The marketing management sales expert has proven skills in the following areas:

  • IBM’s approach to analytics and automation
  • eCommerce marketing trends
  • IBM’s Enterprise Suite, including Unica’s Campaign, Detect, Predictive Insight, Leads, Marketing Operations and Net Insight
  • Enterprise Marketing Management Software as a Service offerings, and
  • various sales resources

Join the Briteskies Team

Our team has worked diligently to establish not only solid eCommerce solutions for our clients, but longstanding relationships as well. If you would like to learn more about IBM WebSphere Commerce, our team or Briteskies, simply contact us.


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