Welcome Nick Masters, Project Manager

Hannah Gierosky

nick masters headshotWe are pleased to welcome the newest member of the Briteskies team, Nick Masters! Nick joins the Magento team as a Project Manager.

Originally from New Mexico, Nick came to the Cleveland area to study business and marketing at Kent State University. His career has been spent working with marketing products and consulting for other businesses. His most recent position was as a Project Manager for eCommerce at Dealer Tire here in Cleveland.

“Dealer was a great experience. In terms of size, product, and what they do, it was great. I was working with different businesses and tech platforms, analyzing how they are advertising and how they can track sales attributions,” Nick said of his last job.

Now that he’s part of the Briteskies team, Nick is looking forward to working with clients, figuring out the value of their solutions and how we can help make improvements.

Outside of the office, Nick is interested in outdoorsy pursuits: hiking, camping, and biking. He is also the newest member of the Briteskies Home Renovators club. 

“I’m working on lots of home projects. I guess I’m a true project manager in life. We just redid our garage and I’ve done our kitchen backsplash. Countertops are next!”

Nick shares his home with his wife and their pets: dogs Henry and Jack, both beagles, and a sphinx cat named Mew.

As for the most important aspect of joining the Briteskies team? His favorite snack is chips and dip.

“French onion dip for sure, but I also like salsa. I make my own salsa as well, being from the southwest.”

Welcome to the team, Nick! Feel free to bring in that salsa whenever you’d like!

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