You Launched Your eCommerce Site, Now What?


Essex logo.pngRemember that famous Field of Dreams quote? “If you build it, they will come.” That might have worked for Kevin Costner, but unfortunately, the same can’t be said for eCommerce. Simply creating an eCommerce site does not guarantee business.

After investing your time and resources in building an eCommerce site, you need to also take the time to let people know that your site exists and is open for business. Marketing your eCommerce site is the next step in your implementation, but marketing your site effectively requires answering a few questions.

What’s Your Strategy?

The first thing you need to determine is what you are looking to accomplish from marketing your eCommerce site. Do you want to increase revenue? Are you trying to reach customers who can’t come to your physical stores? 

These were probably questions you considered when first starting the implementation project, and revisiting your initial motivation for building this site can help. Establishing your goals for and the purpose of your eCommerce site gives you something concrete to work towards.

Who Are You Selling to?

Next, you need to identify who you are currently selling your product to and how. What are the demographics of your current customers? How are you currently reaching them? And, perhaps most importantly, how can you reach more of those types of people? Working with demographics you already know is a good way to get new marketing efforts started.

What Are Your Metrics?

Now that you know who you’re selling to and why, you need to measure your metrics to make sure that you’re hitting the right numbers. These metrics can be as broad as average sales a month, or as detailed as average revenue per sale. 

No matter what your company is trying to accomplish with this new site, there’s a metric that can track that growth. Identifying those starting points establishes a base line to compare your future marketing efforts against.

How Will You Develop New Markets?

Identifying and marketing for your target demographics is great, but what a lot of organizations don’t realize is that it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you’re spending all of your resources targeting one group of customers, you’re going to get sales primarily from that group. It’s important to take a look around and see who you’re missing.

By tracking everyone coming to your site and determining their demographic variables, you can start building much more granular marketing strategies to target those customers. This can take a lot of effort though, especially if you’re been marketing to one demographic for a long time. Expanding your messaging to reach new audiences can certainly be a challenge.

The best way to get the answers to these questions and start reaching new audiences is to partner with an experienced marketing team, like the experts at Essex Digital Platform. You’ve done a lot of hard work to get your eCommerce site off the ground, so let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing. Each marketing solution that we create is completely customized to our clients so that we can help them reach their specific eCommerce goals.

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