Magento 2.1 Announcement

Posted by Hannah Gierosky

June 24, 2016 | 10:33 AM

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MAGENTO_2.1.pngMagento Enterprise Edition 2.1, the first feature release on the Magento 2 platform, was made available yesterday, June 23. In an email to partners as well as a blog post, Magento highlighted a few of the new capabilities found in this release, many of which focus on allowing business teams to increase sales and productivity.

Content Staging and Preview

Business users can now easily stage, preview, and schedule new content, including updates to products, categories, and promotions, without involving IT. Additionally, users can now preview changes across their site by both store view and date, as well as share links to staged content with other team members.


Enterprise Edition 2.1 includes Elasticsearch, a cutting edge site search technology that enables shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for. This technology allows users to set up search synonyms, attribute weighting, and more in order to deliver highly relevant search results. It has been designed to handle large catalogs and is easily scalable to support fast-growing merchants.

PayPal Features

New PayPal features streamline the checkout process and help increase conversion rates. By securely storing credit card information with PayPal Saved Credit Cards, customers will encounter fewer security issues and make more frequent purchases.


Using Braintree Hosted Fields, PCI compliance is simplified while controlling checkout design. Hosted Fields allow Braintree to securely collect payment information directly from the site, which qualifies for the simplest level of PCI compliance.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition

Of course, no update would be complete without added benefits for the cloud. New Enterprise Cloud Edition provides a fully-customizable, secure, and scalable storefront built on AWS and optimized for rapid deployments and performance. Magento provides the flexibility to deploy a site in whatever environment suits the business goals and operations best, including cloud, hosted, or on-premises.

As stated in the partner email, “This release is a key milestone for Magento. It demonstrates the power of Magento 2 to support innovative new features and shows [Magento’s] commitment to serving the needs of business users.”

For more information about Magento 2.1, tune into this upcoming webinar or check out the Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 release notes.

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