4 Reasons to Migrate to EnterpriseOne

Hannah Gierosky

4 Reasons to Migrate to EnterpriseOneIt’s no secret that here at Briteskies, we love JD Edwards World. But for some organizations, World is simply not meeting their business needs anymore. In this case, the best option is to migrate to EnterpriseOne.

While World isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, EnterpriseOne is the focus software of JD Edwards, meaning that it receives the majority of new applications, integrations, and updates.

There are a number of significant enhancements found in EnterpriseOne that are compelling reasons to migrate to the platform, including (but certainly not limited to) the following:

One View Reporting

One View Reporting works to fill the gap between detailed transactional reporting and strategic business intelligence systems. This powerful tool features a graphical interface to report on transactional data, which is helpful for reports like customer agings and supplier analysis.

Alta UI

One of the stereotypes surrounding JD Edwards software is that it’s an “old technology.” This kind of reputation can severely inhibit recruiting, especially when it comes to the newer, younger workforce that is used to a more modern interface. EnterpriseOne fights that notion with the new and modern browser-based system, Alta UI.

Alta UI is a sleek and elegant user interface that was built with design principles in mind. Because of this, the UI layout is simple and clean, and engages users through more visual content. Additionally, this UI was designed with mobile in mind.

Mobile Capabilities

We all know that mobile is playing an increasingly important role in business these days, and JDE recognizes that fact. The Mobile Applications Framework in EnterpriseOne encourages more app development, with over 80 JDE apps available in the Apple and Android app stores. Additionally, EnterpriseOne runs natively on the iPad, providing a great experience for those who want to access JDE features on mobile.


Migrating to EnterpriseOne from World is significantly more affordable than migrating to an entirely new ERP system. Staying within the JD Edwards family means that you get all of the benefits of a new implementation without many of the associated costs. IBM i can still be the primary server, and business users already have experience with the software, meaning just a few less things to worry about and pay for.

These features are just the beginning when it comes to all that JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has to offer. Learn more about the latest in EnterpriseOne here.

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