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Keeping your Adobe Commerce (Magento) Site Secure with Managed Services 

When we implement an Adobe eCommerce site we follow the same methodology every time and work in phases to ensure the success of your project. Starting with the define phase, and then moving through the design, development, and deployment phases. These are obviously critical steps in the creation of an eCommerce site, but it is important that you don’t forget the final phase, support. 

You've established your Adobe (Magento) eCommerce site, which is no small feat, but now what? 

Support is a continuous phase as it's important to continue to support your eCommerce site after it goes live in order to keep it running the best it can. It could be day-to-day maintenance or the need for an upgrade, but there will come a time when your site needs development support. 

Development support is needed for a variety of things, including necessary adjustments as your business grows or updated security patches to keep sensitive data secure, for example. Regardless of what comes up, updates will need to be made to your Adobe Commerce (Magento) site. 

Magento Security Support Tools and Options 

Two-Factor Authentication 

Protecting your Admin for your Adobe Commerce (Magento) site is important. Two-Factor Authentication is a simple, but important way to protect your store, orders, and customer data. It is widely used and ensures that only you can log in to your Admin account.  

Security Scan 

Adobe Commerce powered by Magento offers the Security Scan. The tool offers an enhanced security scan that allows you to monitor your Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source sites for known security risks and malware. On Magento 2.4., the Security Scan runs over 21,000 security tests to help identify potential security risks and send patch updates and security notifications. Scans can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or can run on demand. The scan allows businesses to access:

  • Insight into the real-time security status of their store 
  • Suggestions for best practices for resolving found issues
  • Historical security reports
  • Scan reports that show successful and failed checks with any recommended actions

This free Magento service is great for identifying security issues, but without a person who knows how to fix the issues then it isn’t that helpful in the end.  

So, who is going to handle your site security and support?

There are two options: you can hire and maintain an in-house development team, or you can find a trusted consulting partner. 

In-House Support 

In-house eCommerce support is a good option if you have the resources to dedicate to it. While this can be a great option for larger companies, it isn’t always feasible for smaller businesses. Price, bandwidth, and availability all come into play. especially when you start looking at employee Cost vs. Productivity.  

There is another option.  

Magento Managed Services and Customer Stories

For many businesses, reallocating human resources for support or hiring new support just isn’t realistic. It is easy to get stuck in the cycle of recruiting, hiring, and maintaining a development team and the reality is that most support work doesn’t require a full-time team to execute.  

A Managed Services agreement with Briteskies gives your business access to our team of experienced, talented, and certified developers when you need them.  

Why Managed Services?  

With Briteskies you not only have access to services like transaction monitoring and testing, but you also have a commitment from our team to timely maintenance and support at a cost-efficient rate.   

With Briteskies your Managed Services agreement isn't locked into a specific support activity, instead, you choose what your time and money are spent on. Whether it's content, design, architecture or patches, upgrades, reports, or anything else your site might need, you decide the direction. 

Overnight Fires  

One of our first Managed Services customers, though they initially signed up as a way to secure resources for ongoing support and maintenance, an emergency situation proved to them it was the right choice for their business.  

Our client experienced an interesting and unique situation; in the dead of night, a bug would change their homepage to a random product description page. Certainly not what they wanted, and they could not figure out why it was happening. Fortunately, with their Managed Services Agreement they had a set number of hours with our team available to them each month. They reported the issue to us and our team was able to resolve the issue for no additional cost.  

The goal of a Managed Services agreement is for our team to provide the best monitoring and protection services to our clients on a continuous basis.  

Cyber Monday Nightmares  

We were working with a B2C retailer to migrate to a newer version of Magento. On Cyber Monday they experienced a DDoS attack.  

Their site was up and down throughout the day and they were facing denial of service on a semi-regular basis. No one wants to experience a setback like this on the best of days, but especially not on the biggest online shopping day of the year.  

While the profit damage wasn’t as bad as it could have been, it was an incident that they did not want to be repeated. Along with upgrading their site, they implemented a Managed Services plan to be sure this doesn’t happen again this Cyber Monday.  

Interested in seeing how a Managed Services contract could benefit your Magento site? Contact our team to learn more. Learn more about protecting your Magento site  with Managed Services






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