Black Friday 2014

Hannah Gierosky


As eCommerce people, it takes a lot to get us to fight the crowds at retail stores on Black Friday. But sometimes there is a deal that just can’t be passed up. Our team divulged what items they are planning to brave the Black Friday crowds for, or which hypothetical offers would lure them out of their turkey coma.

Navarr Barnier: “I need a new Nexus 6.”

Katie Conaway: “I would wait in line for a free Microsoft Surface.”

Mike Downs: “I need a new mattress. My back is killing me.”

Gian Genovesi: “I need new dress shoes WITH laces.”

Hannah Gierosky: “My ultimate thing that I would go out on Black Friday for would be a meet and greet with Beyoncé and Blue Ivy. I’m not picky on Jay-Z.”

Lee Jayne: “I’ve already got plans on getting a discounted Cricut Explore.”

Michelle Kowalski: “A Tesla.”

Derrik Nyomo: “There’s a deal I’m taking advantage of: $100 off of a new driver plus a free three wood.”

Bill Onion: “The only thing that would tempt me to wait in a Black Friday line would be tickets to the Caribbean.”

Stefanie Rhine: “I never need anything, I just like going out on Black Friday for the experience of it all! I love to see what other people are buying and get ideas for myself.”

Matt Trimmer: “I don’t need much. I would take a rotating media tower though.”

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