Briteskies Spring Internship: It's a Wrap!

Kara Oldford

kara-601932-editedBefore starting an internship, one always has expectations about what to expect and what the office environment will be like. As with any internship, you have that fear that perhaps you’ll be filing papers or delivering coffee! Rarely is it that you have an experience that surpasses your expectations. As I sit in the office during my last week at Briteskies, feeling bittersweet, I am left with a slew of memories and a checklist of new experiences.

When I first met Briteskies’ team members Gian and Matt at the Weatherhead School of Management Career Fair, they described the office atmosphere as being like a family. My only addition would be that it’s like a family, but way more fun. We worked hard, laughed often, and we talked about Corgis.  From my standpoint, that’s an ideal internship!

Just this morning I walked into the office to find everyone hovered around a table full of Taco Bell, doing what I assume from past experience was a taste test.  On my first day I would have been a bit confused about everyone’s excitement and the general buzz around the office, but I now understand the excitement when the office has these taste tests or it’s the day after Teen Wolf. 

In the last three months that has been my internship (and also the coldest and most brutal Cleveland winter), I have gotten to know the amazing people that comprise Briteskies. I had the privilege of working on the inbound marketing campaign, writing articles, and many other marketing tasks. Aware of my schoolwork load as an M.B.A. student, the team was incredibly supportive and accommodating to other commitments while still providing me with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.

Although my request for “Bring Your Corgi to Work Day” was denied with a laugh, Briteskies’ office was an incredibly engaging and enjoyable work environment. The only coffee I fetched during my internship was for myself! Where else can you find a company with generally great people and taste testing contests between the Whopper and the Big Mac? 

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