Surviving Magento Imagine 2014

Hannah Gierosky

The 2014 Magento Imagine Conference is only a few weeks away, and our team is getting excited to meet with and learn from other members of the Magento community. Whether it is the endless Las Vegas buffets or the after-conference “networking,” Bill, Gian and Derrik have a lot to look forward to. As veterans of the Imagine Conference, they suggested some ideas for surviving a Las Vegas trip with your coworkers not only unscathed, but motivated and inspired as well. 

Tips and Tricks for Surviving Imagine:


Stay Hydrated- you’re in the desert, after all! And don’t forget the lip balm!

Talk to People- be open to talking to people you don’t know because you can learn a lot just by talking to fellow attendees. You could find out some amazing things and even meet an interesting new partner to work with.

Bring a Jacket- last year it dipped into the 40s at night

Hey, Merchants- don’t be afraid to talk to vendors. We don’t bite!

Hey, Vendors- don’t be afraid to talk to developers!

Hey, Sponsors- bring something for entertainment when all the merchants are in their breakout sessions, it gets quiet in the marketplace

Check out the breakout sessions before you get there - some require a special registration

Fill out a Poken Profile- and use it!

Don’t miss the keynote speakers!

Gian1Rest up before you get there- the day starts early and goes late into the night, so you won’t sleep much at the conference; and if you do, it may be in a bathtub

Don’t live tweet anything after 7:00 pm- especially if it’s from the company account

Hash House a Go Go has the best breakfast- we’re excited to be at the Hard Rock this year, but the Hash House a Go Go will be missed. A trip there is definitely in order.

It may look like him, but that’s not Elvis.

Don’t let what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas- Maybe some things should stay in Vegas, but be sure to bring home some great information that you can translate to your organization’s needs

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. For those of you heading to Imagine in a few weeks, have fun! Don’t forget to visit our team in the marketplace; we will be at kiosk 15, near PayPal and eBay.  You can also set up a time to chat with us here


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