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Michelle Kowalski

B2B eCommerce design.jpgCreating a well-designed eCommerce site can be a challenge, especially when it comes to B2B eCommerce sites. Combining both form and function into a usable and aesthetically pleasing site can be a tough balancing act. 

To ease the pain designing an eCommerce site can cause, we have put together a list of tips to use on your next B2B site redesign. 

Clean, Crisp, and Uncluttered

Cluttered webpages are a big red flag to customers. Sites with too much information, graphics, offers, and forms on a page are likely to be overwhelming for the readers. You might think that showcasing all of your best content on one homepage will increase conversion rates, but in fact, it is the exact opposite. Overly cluttered homepages drive customers away since they have too much information to focus on at once. 

Keep your homepage uncluttered by highlighting only one or two pieces of top-rated content and trust that your customers will be engaged enough to seek out additional information. 

Easily Navigable Menus

Menus should aid customer searches, not inhibit them. If your menus are not organized in a logical way, your customers will have trouble navigating your site. Your main menus should cover the largest aspects of your business such as products, contact us, about us, etc. 

If you have pieces of information that could fit into one or more categories, run A/B testing to see where customers access this information the most. 

Additionally, fixed navigation bars allow the consumer to scroll further down your site without having to scroll back to the top to access menu tabs. Long scrolling pages are better for consumers than short pages that lead to additional pages. A consumer is more likely to read an entire article on one page than click through ten pages to complete the piece. 

Design With Your Customer in Mind

You could have the most visually well-designed site in your industry, but if it does not meet your customers' needs, it serves no purpose. If your customer does not appreciate large design elements, do not spend the time and money it takes to include them. It is best to have a simple and usable site that your customers will want to use rather than an overly designed site that looks great but doesn’t appeal to your customers. You should use your site design as a way to improve your business metrics and increase conversion rates. 

Easy Check-Out Process

The harder you make your check-out process, the less likely your customers are to complete a transaction and return to your site in the future. When designing your B2B site's check-out process, make sure to think on behalf of both the company and the consumer. 

As a company, you want to make sure that your products are easily searchable and the "add to cart" button is large enough for customers to find. There is a fine line between designing an eCommerce site that increases sales and a site that seems too pushy. 

Designing a B2B eCommerce site well can improve your conversion rates immensely. By following these tips, your site will convert leads into customers, and goals into sales. 

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