Fall Layers for Your eCommerce Site

Michelle Kowalski

As summer winds down and the weather cools off, it can be easy to mourn the loss of warm temperatures and sunshine. Instead of holding on to summer for dear life, however, we suggest welcoming fall with open arms. And the best part about fall? The clothing options.


Maybe it’s that back-to-school feeling, but trading in shorts and tank tops for jeans and sweaters is always a little bit thrilling. And just as fall is the perfect time to switch out your wardrobe, it’s a great opportunity to give your eCommerce site a refresh.

Like it or not, the holidays are right around the corner, and now is the time to shake the dust off of your eCommerce site and get it ready for the months ahead. Keep reading to see what’s on our fall shopping list and how that correlates to your eCommerce site.

Felt Hat

felt-hat-HM.jpegOne quick scroll through Instagram will show you that the felt hat is the fashion blogger’s accessory of choice for autumnal activities. Nothing else says “look how fashionable I am!” quite like this ubiquitous cap. While a felt hat can feel like a risky choice, when it works, the fashion payoff is huge. Similarly, updating your category structure and site navigation items can be a daunting task, but when successful, is a great update to your site.

Let’s focus on your online browsers, who have a loose idea of what they are looking for but are open to many options. Take a look at your top navigation and see if you are presenting the most concise top categories. Too many, or too few, and your customers may get frustrated and give up. Once they find the right category, are your customers having a hard time finding the exact product they are looking for? Consider updating your faceted navigation to help filter the catalog further on your list pages. 

Warm Scarves

scarf-target.jpegOne of the easiest ways to get your wardrobe in shape for fall is to add in some cozy accessories like scarves. These pieces are usually pretty low-risk in that they aren’t too expensive and can easily be traded out for another option.

Similarly, eSpots and promos are similarly quick ways to update your site’s image. You can highlight certain offerings, or set up cross- and upsells to target customers specifically. If your current eSpots and calls-to-action aren't enticing your customers the way you hoped, try updating the text or design to be more attention grabbing. Using your software’s built-in marketing features makes this an easy update.


vest-llbean.pngAh, the vest. Whether quilted, puffer, fleece, or otherwise, this piece is perfect for highlighting your outfit on those in-between weather days. It serves its purpose by keeping you warm without stealing the spotlight from your new sweater or flannel.

Your site’s layout is just as functional as a new fall vest. It may not be as flashy an update as other options, but it serves to highlight specific products and make your customer’s user experience as pleasant as possible. Now is a great time to refine your site layout and make sure every pixel is perfect in prep for the holidays. Additionally, be sure to prepare your site for new products that you may have coming out in time for the holidays. Make space in your new layout for those items and let your customers know that new products are coming. 


boot-frye.jpgA true investment, that pair of boots you’ve been eying for years are finally yours. Stylish enough to pull an outfit together but subtle enough to be worn every day, they go with everything, are well-made, and will last for years to come.

Just as it may have taken a bit of research and contemplation before pulling the trigger on your dream boots, new functionality for your site is something that takes a lot of contemplation before implementing. It should be something that adds a significant, daily value to your site, and if it’s something your customers have mentioned they want, then even better.

Take a look at the feedback from your customers and analyze their most-requested items. Are they looking for a way to place orders faster? This may be the right time to implement a Quick Order panel. Do they need more technical information about your products before making a decision? Use this time to evaluate and improve your content. Just like splurging on those classic boots, you won’t regret making your site work better for your customers.

So, what’s on your wish list (sartorial or eCommerce) this fall? To learn more about any of the above options, contact our talented eCommerce team

Felt Hat: H&M | Scarf: Target | Vest: L.L. Bean | Boots: Frye

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